Nate Higgins My love for you
is eternal
may it be weeks years or heaven forbid lifetimes
I will be here for you waiting happily
for you to find
all you need
I can
give you and all
I need is
for you to let me give
to you
Nate Higgins I am sorry you
cannot let me
help you
find what you
I love you
I will let you
to see
if love will bring you
back to me
unhinged she reminds me that everythings_not_lost 020112
unhinged she sees pictures of me and points and says 'nikki'

i was afraid she would forget me, her being so little and me being so far away, but i suppose she remembers. i miss my buhbee.
unhinged look at you
the cream of the crop
the best of the best
and i love you better than all the rest
i love you better
than chocolate ice cream
or pretty flowers and bows
i love you more than snowflakes
and bright hawaiian rainbows
my baby doll
my smart little thing
better than a princess
maybe almost a queen
i eat up your smiles like bread
i drink in your laughter like rain
my baby doll
my smart little thing
i love you better than anything
anon my sister
unhinged the older she gets the more she amazes me

my cuddle bug angel baby
couldn't ask for much more

except maybe an equally cute
precious precocious little brother
named owen
giving headbutts
flashing dimples
laughing and asking

'where's cole?'
unhinged you are my meditation
when nothing else can make me happy

you might have been three
i can't remember if your brother was born
or your mother was still pregnant with him

but you were old enough to get out of bed
on your own
and you knew i was sleeping in the guest room

i heard you calling for your mom
who slept with earplugs
and then i heard the pat pat
of your feet
stop at door
that i had purposefully left open
you didn't think i was there
even though when i tucked you in
the night before
i told you i would be in the guest room

so i flung the covers off my head
and you giggled in surprise
'you get in here right now. it's too early for you to be out of bed. come lay with auntie nicole'
you giggled some more
and vaulted under the covers with me

i might have squeezed an extra half hour
of rest out of you
before it was hopeless to think
you'd fall back asleep
and i got up like a good auntie
got you your juice
let your mommy sleep
f for friend is that your name?
i thought your name was 'thing'?
f for friend are you a boy called "It"
can you be a sex slave today?
we need money to buy your dog food.
what's it to you?
who go