typhoid wont you
with me
all i really want to do
is to be warm
feel safe in someone's arms
you can do this for me
and i can do this for you
girl snuggle cuddle!!! 000328
dean-bean Eeee. My favorite afternnon activity. Or evening. Or morning. Hmmm...Why am I online again? 000328
MollyGoLightly You're plenty good at it too, little Face. 000328
EECP Why is it that the person that you really want to cuddle you isn't the first to offer. I can't sleep at night because the one I want to cuddle me does not. I have many offers but I do not take them. I would trade all of the possible cuddles for cuddles from the one I love. 001214
unhinged i just want to cuddle...find someone that will cuddle with me forever. it would be so nice. 001231
silentbob mmmmmm 010101
Tank i love cuddles too... right now i satiate my cuddle desires with fluffy ducky, penguin and miss_lilly... 010101
misstree warm
and safe
and comfy,
sighing into someone's arms
to sleep.

so few people i can cuddle with anymore...

there is no such thing as an innocent hug in champaign-urbana.
stupidpunkgirl i just want to be held
i want to touch
the warmth

is not forgotton
but is missed
unhinged "you don't have to worry..i've lost all my sexual energy for the night. i just want to cuddle." worried? who said that? 010115
deb i just want to
lose myself
in you-
fingers meshing,
arms curled about
my waist-
that contented sigh
barely heard
through your breathing
in my ear-
florescent light I could really go for some cuddles
if only it could be as simple as going into a resturant, opening the menu, and saying
yes, I will have the 130am-630am cuddles with the 5'11, dark haired, 165 pounder.
dB Ok, I'll risk the validity of my tough guy image for a sec and just say that I feel like I really need a hug today.
Funny, now that I think about it I havn't hugged anyone for nearly four years.
Funny how things come back to you.
florescent light drive thru please 010815
dB vrooom? 010815
florescent light how could you not have hugged someone for 4 years?
I get antsy if I don't hug someone for a day.
if there is no one to hug, I will find someone, anyone
I have hugged random people on the street
coworkers, bosses, students, friends, mom's,
I love hugging people who I don't know- it really catches them off guard, I'll kind of chat with someone on the train or bus, and then when we part I will give them a hug, and at first they are taken back, but then you can tell that they think it's really sweet.
most people don't mind giving a hug, you'd be surprised
I've almost never had anyone push me away
or give me a look for it
usually they are hugged deprived themselves, so they are happy to recieve
dB Glad to hear you are sharin' the love. 010815
kingsuperspecial I wasn't aware that dB had a tough guy image, but I'm always the last to be informed of these things...

what's with the pat on the back hug. I have friends telling me I should have made my move with a girl I've been dating, but the only vibe I get from her is the pat on the back during the hug goodnight.

The pat on the back says to me "I don't even really want to hug you, but if you insist..."
...oOo... vacantsee
that is how my mother hugs
pat- pat- pat
i think ill change her name to pat
Aimee as you held me last night, I felt your heartbeat throughout my body.. all the way to my toes... a very very encompassing feeling... 010927
Toxic_Kisses What I wish to be doing w/ my guy
*Sigh* I'm really missing him tonight
carne de metal spoons! 020226
unhinged i am so sick and the only thing that would make me feel semi-better is if someone cuddled me to sleep. oh the benefits of being a small child.... 020226
Arwyn I just wanted you to say and hold me and let me sleep in your arms, until I felt better, and I'm so sorry I cried because i know it broke your heart. You had to work. It's okay, I understand love.. I just hated to see you go more than anything. I just wanted you hold me until I was no longer sick. I missed you all through the afternoon and then you left for work.. I only saw you for ten minutes.. but you fed me ice cream. 020226
erin when ur not near for me to hold i feel so hollow inside..i need the warmth of ur cuddles to make me smile again 020226
ilovepatsajak we could stay up late and maybe spoon!! 020226
yummyC *sigh*
with some people its just awkward, and others its good, but with
one person,
it felt more right than anything else ever.
and we cuddled in his bed until 4 am because we ended up falling asleep together.
and I thought i would be in deep shit, but no one even noticed I wasn't home.
so I fell sleep smiling, remembering his bed, and glad that I was in LOVE.

wow, that didn't last long, did it?

ouch, it hurts.

(nick is a dumb-ee)
sporkwielder it's what you all need. C'mere and give me a cuddle love 020321
girl_jane When you go without it for so long, then get to cuddle with somebody special, it's soooo nice.

warmth and arms and that strange feeling of protection and sleepiness and comfort...
EECP I long for it. It is one of the first things to come to mind. 020415
mahayana sarah i miss the way we cuddle
[each moment awake
i remember just how perfect
you felt in my arms]

these words could never do
my memories justice

[[im working my way back to you
this i promise]]
god cowels chew their cuddle 020620
Syrope when i hide in your chest and cuddle up to you i'm not really frightened, not exactly uncomfortable, but maybe ashamed that i am who i am, and that i can be content and less of a bother if you let me steal an arm and press against you...its comforting, i feel protected 020621
ahm tylit bahp let's listen to alkaline trio and cuddle 020723
cheer-up-emo-kid spooning 020723
daxle nafficle is my favorite song by them! lmao ttfn bbiab kkmyto! 020723
paralizing passion I think that this day in age people are getting more and more apart, so i think every 1 should get a hug.
but then again I'm a HUGE cuddle bug
mmmmm...i love it.
if there r any tauruses on this page you should go to: taurus 'cause we're dying in there.

I want to talk to dB

and another fun site is
100 facts about me
i think every body likes to talk about themselves and explain what they like and dont like in fullest detail but nobody dose cause they dont wanna look like morons or show their soft sides thats why i like 100_facts_about_me
if you go in there look me up

love yall, cuddle bug
megan Draw me close to You,
Never let me go.
I lay it all down, again,
To hear You say that I'm Your friend.
You are my desire,
No one else will do.
Cause nothing else could take Your place.
To feel the warmth of Your embrace,
Help me find the way,
Bring me back to You,

You're all I want,
You're all I've ever needed.
You're all I want,
Help me know You are near.
Help me know You are here.
drunk with rum and lonely lovely confusion I miss cuddling. Where is he when I really need someone to hold me? He's 2 hours away...and he won't be here for weeks, maybe months. I miss him. I miss the warm embraces, the gentle kisses. I miss the way he looked at me...the way he stopped looking at me. I miss the way he looks at her now...I know he does, he just won't admit himself, or to me. Why did I have to be the one to tell him? Why am I always the one to tell him? I seem to know people's feelings and thoughts before they know them themselves. I knew he liked her before he realized it. I knew there was nothing there...cold, pain, loneliness...I miss him. Sometimes I almost wish I had never let him go, that I still had someone to cuddle with...but then I think realistically. That's surprisingly hard to do. And I realize that it was better...he's my friend. Oh god, I wish he was. I miss him. I miss talking to him, holding him, kissing him. Dammit, I miss the sex too. Not that there was much. I just miss it all. I don't want it back though. I want the beginning back, but not the end. I don't want the nagging, the loneliness when I'm not really alone, the worrying, the jealousy, the knowing things about him that he doesn't even know. I don't miss the way he talked to me when he was stressed out, I don't miss that at all. But I miss him, I miss my best friend. I can deal without the lover part, I just miss my best friend. I miss having someone to cuddle with. So I guess for now, the old teddy bear he gave me will have to do. 030604
ofsuch let's cuddle 040430
shilohlives I hadn't realized how much I missed... but now I know, I'm not missing anything. Your warmpth is enough to sustain me for forever. I don't know how I lived without you. 040430
EbilSporkMonkey I love cuddling I'd have to say it's better than anything even coffee which I'm so fond of indeed I'd choose cuddling over drinking coffee any day 040430
Som I see the ocean in his eyes, his face right up to mine. "Why do you fit so perfectly in my arms?" he asked me. I can hear it in his voice- that emotion I can't name. "Why do your arms fit so perfectly around me?" I slyly replied, and nuzzled up to his chest. We shared a laugh, and he looked at me with that bemused look of disbelied. "You can't do that." He laughs again, knowing it's pointless to tell me what to do.
His eyes are smiling now,I can hear it, and every atom in my is humming as if in response to some tune if he were the radio. He is irresistable to me and every moment seems too incredibly perfect.
I remove my head from where it is buried under his chin, and look him in the eyes. God, I was right. He's smiling, and he's irresistable. I make a face at him and incite a flirty argument. We banter back and forth and argue about who said "I_love_you" first. We both know it doesn't matter.
All that matters is that I know when you hold me, and I fit so perfectly in your arms- everything is wonderful, and we are in love.

To be held by you is to be completely and helplessly lost and perfectly content with the possibility of never being found.
unhinged am i really inherently uncuddleable? that seems to be the only explanation i can come up with for my numbing lack of cuddles.

too bristly ?
too sad ?
too covered ?
smurfus rex Is a cuddle only a cuddle when you feel close to someone?

What's a cuddle called when you grow apart from someone?

Is it still a cuddle if you're strangers to each other?
nr as someone who cuddled last night with someone else i think i’d fallen for who’d just broken up with me, i’d really like to know the answer to that question. 181126
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