typhoid what were the clouds like when you were young? 000404
amy they were purple and red and yellow and on fire... 000404
moonshine blue waters and lofty white foam. Its the ocean in the sky. I used to be under the impression the sky was a mirror... 000529
typhoid yeah yeah yeah! where was all that blue coming from, the sky or the ocean? up or down? or did it just permeate everything? 000605
marjorie ewes now fat, ewes fluffy.
oh please.
we all know...
it isn't true.
numinous I could touch them. 040317
elegance We watch the clouds on our comedowns. It's far more pleasant than sitting and fighting the crash. They shimmer and change as your body processes the last little bits of drug floating around you. Body bone-weary, eyes still wide, the clouds seem like heaven, rather reminiscint of the bed you want to sink into, but are waiting waiting for the right time when you KNOW forsure that you will sleep. Fluff fluff fluff. It all goes with the theory of comfort. 040615
Syrope god i love hotel beds

and waking up next to your best friend is one level of comfort,
realizing that you're both naked is a different one.
but you both being ok with it is a closeness i've never experienced before

it's what i love about the people in my life these days. no matter how well i think we know each other, we're always still learning. no matter how close we are, there's always moments when we grow closer_still
three words the_last_word the_last_waltz fluffy 061006
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