jennifer last night I fell asleep
if not for Jerry's incessant
talking, I would have)
in Greg's arms
and I listened to his
His shirt was damp
and cold (smelled like him)
and I could hear his heart
so clearly
but, I think it was
Mark's heart
I was really hearing
through all the fog
and the tears
I heard his heart
and I felt so
lizard sometimes it scares me to think that everyone has one.

my own, isolated.. it's a pulsating silence.

together, all at once.. we would be deafening..

the world was made to overwhelm.
grendel faster and faster at the thought of her, until it paints itself over every other sound in the world.

but now she knows
and as i await her reaction

it is silent and still
Jack Within a heartbeat the world changes beyond the recognition of anyone.

Nothing is true for ever.

All things must change.

Nothing stays the same.
kx21 Excitation of Soul(s)... 020117
kx21 Sidereal Breath... 020117
kx21 Sidereal day, hour, month, year, time & period...


Sidereal synchronicity...
it gets boring after a while.
nick heartbeat

how long it would take for me to save you feels like eternity while I wait for you to ask

paranoid martyr i landed here twice by random 031223
Doar excuse me, but you've landed on my heartbeat. 031224
scoop panic disorder. james says not to be afraid, but it feels like the end of the world and how would i ever know what that felt like? 040927
pete you've breathed a new mind into me with your heartbeat 040927
Syrope i can't match your breathing or your heartbeat.

wait for me
Afro You make it hard to breathe
It's as if I'm suffocating
And when you're next to me
I can feel your heartbeat thru my skin
It makes me sad to think
This could all be for nothing
I wish there was a way
A way for you to see inside me
I've never felt this way
About anyone, or anything so tell me.
What do I have to do?
apocalynx feel the pulse feel it racing, take a deeeeeep breath. breathe in breathe out, sign says keep out, out of my heart you don't want what's here. the movement of blood through veins i used to listen in awe when we'd fall asleep in each other's arms. well, now. it makes me anxious. take another breath and sloooow it down. 041224
Rosette With my head to his chest ever so briefly, I could hear his heartbeat deep down inside of him. It lulled me to a place of tranquility and safety. He obliged my need to hear his heart as it beat so slowly that late evening. I take it with me wherever I go. When lost or alone, I think of Greg's hearbeat. 060710
nineteen A heartbeat that is not my own fluttering wildly beneath my own skin.
Being told that my chances of having a miscarriage are incredibly slim.
Walking outside with a bag of baby magazines and baby samples, waiting.
stork daddy that feeling is always terrifying. when your heart suddenly reminds you that it
is both central to you and an object you observe from without. it does this
when it beats suddenly wild, and you think, outside of it, god it might explode.
at some level my father must've saw the tragedy in the same way we did, as some
alien hand from the unknown suddenly causally connected to this world,
throttling it, and releasing it languid into a world of anxiety, consolation and

her eyes closed deeply when she first kissed me, as if she was entering that
world outside of the normal chain of things, outside of her family and her
career. as if she would just fathom the depths and then leave it, having stayed
almost subatomically for a moment in the place where hearts beat. but her eyes
opened then, and the portal was too porous, too fluid; she was regular sized
again. my heart was hurried, though, she felt it.

before it had all seemed fun to me, this. that for all the messiness of the world, there was the simple aesthetic
pleasure of touch, the alternating levels of existence, the sublime locality of
lips subsuming the entire larger world of lives and equations. the universe in
an atom. but this was different. i wasn't in control this time. i wasn't a
dispassionate outside watcher. this was, i suddenly realized, my heart. i had
been in her position before. i had been in position to manipulate or not, to
let fly or not. i had been kind, as she was now kind, but having that power
over someone alone can hurt, no matter its use. i had more and less to lose
than her. i had no family i was bound to. but i also had, for the first time,
some interest in more than the petty aesthetics of love. i wanted a
correspondance between the world of hellos and jobs and handshakes and kisses,
and those visions and heartbeats when your eyes are closed. and i had felt her
power to do this, as her whispering hand made fluid and navigable the boundaries between my words and my heartbeat.
somebody that seems like knot_meat more than stork_daddy 070508
jane sometimes
i get in the bathtub
& put my head halfway under the water

(so that my ears are covered

but i can still breathe)

and in this breathing
all i can hear is lungs


& along with this
filled silence

the percussion of my heartbeat
in it's womb-like
muffled bumps

softens my thoughts
until they are nothing
but soft slipping water
knot meat oh they're all disintegrating. 070509
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