Quintessensual It is yes a tragedy,
no ms. perspicacity,
to blathe here so skillfully,
she surely should,
the youthfully insightful
mindgames she could.
silentbob No, longdistancerelationships after a lifetime of lonliness, that's not a tragedy. at least not as big a tragedy as if you were going to see her for the first time in a month and you died 2 blocks away from her house. 000616
Greg Graffin...Or maybe not... "someone's got to tell me do you see that everything around you has a hidden tragedy" 000717
unhinged i woke up this morning to a bug biting me and then later, at my first day back to work, i broke out into hives and have been itching like crazy ever since 001218
Zeroshin the influx of generation y. 010118
misstree irony, comedy's twisted twin 010119
rollins If you've never been good at something, you can be good at tragedy. Everyone wants to hear a good story about someone victimized. Everyone wants to be the center of attention even if its only for a little while. Even if it kills. 010513
melissah oh that poor girl, what a troubled youth. and she comes from such a well bred family, too. think about her poor mother, oh, how embarassing. i wouldnt let my children run round with all those pericings she has, and her hair! blue! what a tragedy... 020802
DevilsLyric It would have been a tragedy if anyone knew him.

I love to ponder the effects of my own death
mr.decker tis but comedy,
tis but thee and thou and I
god tis butt 030619
mr.decker tis excessive cleverness. BRAVO! 030619
ashmanzhou you never know when it strikes
it hits it hammers it nibbles away at you
it wears you away then strikes you down
and all thats left is a shell
feeling dies
sense wavers
the world is tainted with sanguine lenses
and at the end you can spare no tears
low kurt cobain 030820
Mokita The tragedy of english canadian is they could have had British culture,
French cooking, and American technology,
but instead they got American culture, British cooking, and French technology
a thimble in time LOL I'm emailing that to my Canadian friends. 031027
phil omg, nice misquoted bad joke that isn't even told right. 031027
skinny the mothers of the wives of the brothers of the deceased
all wept in syncrosy
so thick with sympathy

what draws us towards love
is a guide on a missile
whats the point of a depresion
dont ask me that

what is it that slowly tears us apart
the isolation, or the loneliness?
or the tragedy
cyanide faerie the tragedy is that i can't write these words
without thinking of you and all you misheard
and the stupid things i did and said that all came out so wrong
mean that now my life is tragedy, because now you've really gone
h|s|g for_you 100823
what's it to you?
who go