Tank i know he is cheating on his wife and i hear him telling her lies as to where he is going and i watch him leave with his lover. i always feel so depressed, so sad, so sickened and i want to confront him, angrily state his wifes case, but i am confused as to where my loyalties are. he is supposedly my friend and his wife has never been particularly nice to me, but still, he lies and that hurts me... 000908
girl_jane Do I really seem that troubled to you? I'm just trying to make decisions that are much harder than deciding what socks to wear. Some mornings I have problems deciding even that... 020814
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jane you have no idea 030619
somebody Remember, you've got to help troubled teens, because, they could kill you. 050615
Lemon_Soda People think being troubled is normal so they fixate on it and that makes it worse.

You get what you focus your energy on. You think the way you train yourself to think.

Troubled is just a game your playing with yourself.
what's it to you?
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