MaryJane i hate it when i get unflattering ones from people i don't know.
but all the same i appreciate the attention.
is that narcissistic, or just wrong?
commonasmuck i get empty stares from empty sockets
my empty hand techniques
and empty pockets
this prophet's office profits
from IOU dockets
from close friends
with love hearts in lockets
bring peace
like depleted uranium rockets.
unhinged i almost got hit by a car today in front of the coffeeshop. i find it hard to believe that the guy didn't see me as he was turning left first of all. second of all, the white stripes painted all the way across the street to form a crosswalk are also considered A FUCKING STOP SIGN. and i figured he would stop so i took another step and he didn't and i moved back out of the way inches from getting hit. and he gestured at me like 'what the hell' and i should have gestured at the crosswalk and flicked him off. but i waited for him to pull away and just walked across the street. and all the people sitting outside the coffee shop stared at me. as i walked, some dark skinned dread boy said 'i think it's the driver's fault if a pedestrian gets hit' and i turned around and said 'i think the law thinks so too'

damnit...i should have flicked the fucker off.

now that i think about it, i don't understand why i didn't see him. i know i looked before i crossed the street. it's a trained reaction from childhood. 'look both ways before you cross the street' so that even when i'm crossing the one way street i look both ways. how didn't i see that dude?

and i should have flicked the fucker off. especially since he had a stop sign. a lot of pedestrians get hit in this town.

and i stood next to the door of the tattoo place smoking a cigarette which was right next to the outdoor seating for the coffeeshop where all the people sitting outside tried not to stare.

i think i was more nervous about the tattoo.
unhinged i think i wanted him to hit me 040828
what's it to you?
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