Yoshi mmmhmmm 010925
bill bixby crumbly! 020409
sphinxradio there's only so much you can pin on coincidence.
is it perverted of me to relish in your infatuation?
Ive gone Incognito if I ever broke up w/ my guy I get the strange feeling he would start stalking me, oh that just give me goose bumps. 020510
CRO I'd relish the attention =)
But I'm a sad, pathetic person, so just ignore me like everybody else does.
Crudelis a simple boy sitting alone
reading received notes and thinking back
about conversations on the phone

vicious memories attack his peace
he gets a sudden chill and get scared
remembering his stalker Clarese

he discovered a note so pink and clean
just the way Clarese made them
this one he'd never before seen

she's locked away in jail
so how is this possible?
maybe she got off on bail :(

he's shivering and so confused
'should i open it now?'
asked his heart so abused

enough for his existence to define insanity..
no longer is he by himself
Clarese appeared from behind his vanity
freakizh i got to know this guy by internet who was a friend's friend.

as we talk everything seem normal, except for the need to agree to everything i said. he acquired my habits.. he used to listen to only metal music and now he's a radiohead and bj├Ârk fan.

besides that.. he once told me, outta nowhere, that i had great school schedule and grades. he got into my school websystem with an old password and looked at them.. knowing my full name and ID number.

and then, when things couldn't go worst (i was already scared), he sent me photos of me that he crawled up in online newspapers. and he was proud of it.

scaaary. i hate him.
phil (ex-girlfriend)
I know your sister lives in Texas
'cause I listen to your phone
I write love poems
whenever you're not home
I scratch the silence
out of everyday

I know your windows
I know about the rug
where you spilt ketchup
and where you squashed a bug

I can hear your microwave
when it's done
I saw your bath
.. .... ... run
I've watched you do the finer things
but I've never seen you read

you were watching the tv
and you crossed your legs
turned up the volume
while I was on your bed
wearing your underwear and
changing the lightbulb
just to mess with your head
eddie monster i drove threw her neighborhood about a week ago
i think i seen her
but i don't know
eddie monster don't really care anymore
can't be replaced
my memory of you
has been misplaced
splices still flicker
unknown to my eye
mementos remind me
of the forgotten
and unknown
moving on
wanting a coke
stork daddy a guy yelled at my sister he was going to jump out of a tv and rape her. she was probably talking about friends or something. it's her way of touching things more profound than he was talking about superficiality is. i'd jump out of his background to teach him if anything ever happened to her. 020808
lycanthrope as for the rest of you...don't flatter yourselves...if you're on're already voyeurs...half way to stalkerdom separating a person from their real life like you do. next you'll think jody foster loves you. 020808
squint but she does. 020808
lycanthrope well then, what are we waiting for? 020810
Hairthief At least if you have a stalker you may take the comfort you are interesting enough for someone to devote time to you.

I can't imagine a stalker bothering if the stalkee is a dull, plain and generally boring people.

So hurrah for friendly subtle non violent stalking, there could be a relationship waiting for some.
Insat Or it could be that you are a nice person to be around and the 'stalker' just likes the aura about you. Doesnt always have to mean something untoward. 030207
god it's not stalking if they are gonna marry you. 030609
pobodys nerfect I had one during my last year of high school. Any time I'd sit at my favourite table in the library, he'd take the one at the other end of the room that faced toward mine. He'd just sit there and just stare. It felt like he could see right through me. I'd do my best to ignore it, but at times it just got to be too much. I'd pack my stuff and leave to go to the cafeteria, but he'd just follow me there too. There were days when I even locked myself in the bathroom just for some time away from him. I tried to joke about it with my friends in the beginning by saying stuff like "maybe he thinks he's a farm animal and I'm that Mary girl".
One of my guy friends offered to have a talk with him, but I thought he'd leave me alone after awhile. I figured he'd get the hint when I kept leaving the room whenever he entered it. He didn't. I'm just glad he didn't have a car so he could only stalk from 8 am to 3:30 pm.
dog stop stalking me, god. 050429
shivers ahhh somebody help me!!!
im being read all over
Philip bed post 181127
Philip you could write all of that on facebook or twitter if you dragged your blather friends to it. 181127
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