johnboy I hate the fucking word but it;s so old and I have only heard it a million times and said it about two million times. I gues the scene in Detroit is so shitty. No trance too much house decent jungle no hard tech but yet this is supposed to be the home of techno. FUCK that and fuck half of the DJ's in DETROIT for a few quick points if u are reading this GET A FUCKING LIFE ALL OF YOU SUCK. Well J-money.devolve,trancender are all good but CDX can lik my nuts.
birdMDMAd The Big Payback

Winter 1989, the industrial park in the desert just northeast of Scottsdale

back before Techno when Acid House was the name of the game and the vast majority of the crowd was gay

either you were invited or you got to come in with someone who was invited

the proceedings were overseen by two fierce drags from NY and their entourage

before it was over it had begun to look like the court of Caligula at 180 beats per minute

when ecstasy was new
johnboy when life was so secondary and music was all that mattered and drugs were good but not the only thing 010201
Dafremen Did anyone notice that this guy at the beginning tells someone to lick his nuts..then closes up with a PLUR call for Peace Love Unity and Respect?

I believe that coherence has a synonym and that it's opposite now has a picture to go next to its definition in the dictionary. So...johnboy old bean, got any wallet-sized for the printer?
hsg any good ones in southern cali? 040922
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