me the belly of an architect should not turn green.
the walrus and the carpenter
were walking close at hand,
they wept like anything to see
such quantities of sand.
"if this were only swept away!"
they said "it would be grand!"

"the time has come", the walrus said,
"to speak of many things.
of shoes and ships, and ceiling wax,
of cabbages and kings.
and why the sea is boiling hot
and whether pigs have wings."
andrea karen died because she wouldn't eat 991220
andrea jesus was one, too! 991220
gaudior she toiled night and day, anything to make him happy. and he did the same for her. so deeply were they rooted in their quest to fulfill the other that when their house crumbled around them, they never noticed. when a tornado veered around them, they never noticed. when a dark car cruised by them, they never noticed. and when they simultaneously took bullets to the head, they never noticed. but when their bodies fertilized two intertwining trees, they noticed. and finally they were fulfilled. 000114
amy now she's on top of the world looking down on Creation. 000131
Tiffa I wonder if Carpenters are they get splinters? 010529
woddy_goodpecker watch out for splinter cells of unlicensed carpenters 030302
the llamas and the pampas superstar

If she and Mama Cass had shared a chicken sandwich they might both be alive today
mandin6ostar carpenter is a cursive type face. when used with a serif it looks nice 030716
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