Princess Lola married to ma 030716
ferret glease excuse my dear aunt sally
x twisted x im sorry for the way i am. i hope the surgery works....i hope to God the surgery works. im praying for you. 060112
ladyfrill PA ROCKS 060922
Myrrdin Hello from GETTYSBURG! 061116
x twisted x i miss you so much.

"Tell me that someday you'll be returning
And maybe
Maybe I'll believe
It's just enough to see a shooting star
To know you're never really far
It's just enough to see a shooting star
To know you're never really gone

Oh, please don't go
Let me have you just one moment more
Oh, all I need
All I want is just one moment more"

this is seriously killing me. at the weirdest times of the day i just want to cry and scream that this came to fast. i smile, i laugh...but its all a lie because all i think of is you. i know this will fade and with it so will the memories. but i dont want them to...i dont want to forget. i just want it to be two weeks ago. we were all together then.
sometimes i sit in my room and stare at the picture of you holding me when i was a baby. and i think about how diane told me that you were crazy about us...she said you loved us so much and that you always had something to say about us, even if you couldnt remember our names off the top of your head. i know this is better, i know its better for you but i hate that youre not there anymore...just what you left behind. amy is sad and she wants to get away but she cant. i want to be there but i cant. i love you and i always will and i dont think i ever told you that enough but i wish i had because i can never let you know those things again. rest in peace.
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