MollyGoLightly i have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

how does the procedure go?
Brad It's not so bad molly. I ate a burger the night after my operation (seriously!) I never had to take any of the prescribed painkillers even. Looking back I shoulda, just for fun... oh well. I'm stupid! 000731
The Schleiffen Man I had mine removed when I was 16. Went in at 7 AM on a Firday. Came home, slept all day. Woke up the next day and ate all the ramen noodles I could stand. By Monday, I was back at work cleaning computers for the Biloxi Public School District. But I'm also the man who has 1 day sunburns. Maybe I'm just nordic like that. 000731
whirligirl well, i recovered on around Saturday after the Monday extraction procedure. i wasn't really in pain, but thought i should try out the pain pills and they made me very sleepy and woozy for all that time. i only took them at night, too. also, make sure you rinse a lot, because the 'jellied worms' taste is the worst... 000731
whirligirl i don't mean jelly worms, either. 000731
stan It really depends on how long the roots are, if you are fairly young it won't be too bad. I have only had my upper wisdom teeth pulled, both at once. I had a molar pulled which was much worse. 000731
stan I guess I should mention that when I was twenty my dentist told me that my lower wisdom teeth needed to be pulled and that it was an "emergency" situation. He generously offered to do it for 2500 dollars. I felt back there with my little finger, seemed like there was plenty of room. They had never given me trouble. I told the dentist I thought he was wrong. He kicked me out of his office and then sent me certified letter telling me never to come to his office again (like i would!) That was twenty two years ago and i still have my lower wisdom teeth and they have still never given me any trouble. Medicine is a business, never forget that. Doctor's will kill you and bury the eveidence. It is what they do best. (In every city in the world where doctor's went on strike, the death rate plummeted) 000731
klarchen Yowch!

Molly's back!

And how are you?
kasa midori Klarchen!! 000803
shiloh i had mine out.. and after i woke up from the delirious state that i was in from the valium used for surgery, i was not bad.. alittle bleeding to be expected but was careful and ate a solid dinner that night.. :)

the more important is the following weeks to brush, rinse, and floss to prevent infection..
grendel was seventeen when all four of mine were taken out.

i saw the x-rays and all of them were coming in all sorts of sideways

it wasn't even a dentist

Oral surgeon, gave me intravenous valium and told me to count backward from ten...i don't remember getting past eight.
Apparently i was conscious but way too "out of it" to care

They gave me dissolving stitches so i couldn't eat anything too hot for several days...clear liquids for a week, i lost ten pounds

the first day after i shook off the valium haze, my hbig brother taunted me with a big hamburger from our favorite little greasy spoon burger joint a couple of miles up thr road...

"solid foooooood" he said

i flipped him off, much to my mom's shock.

the ten pound loss was convenient, helped me make weight for an important physical i had to take
unhinged i have to have surgery...i'm kinda scared. it's not getting my wisdom teeth taking out...i'm getting a cyst removed from my tailbone. he kept saying all this stuff like "the stitches could pull out" and "the hole will probably be this big (2 inches) by this wide (maybe a quarter of an inch) deep" on my ass...i'm gonna cry 010109
twiggie i got my wisdom teeth out last year. it was horrible. they hadn't even started to poke out yet, they were well beneath my gums. so they dug them out, i woke up in the recovery room completely in a daze.

i sat there poking my numb chin asking my mom "Is this my chin? what is this?"

when i got home i wanted a chocolate shake. so i got one. i had gauze shoved in the holes so i wouldn't bleed all over the place. it was pointless trying to eat the shake because my tongue was numb, so i couldn't taste anything. and i kept getting it in the gauze so i finally just gave up.

then i had to take my tylenol cos they didn't give me ANY painkillers, which i needed very badly. it took me 20 minutes to swallow the pills because of the damn gauze again.

i was in pain for days after, and i couldn't eat solid food for well over a week. the rinsing my mouth with salt water wasn't a trip to the beach either.
twiggie don't worry, unhinged. i know a couple of people who've had to get the same thing done in the same place. it apparently hurts a bit after but not half as much as it does when it's infected. 010110
unhinged i hope cause when mine got infected i couldn't sit or walk. it was horrible. i think i'm just nervous about it because i was never even in a hospital for an illness of my own til this whole thing came about and now i have to get surgery. as my dad said "you far as surgeries go this is a simple procedure." 010110
MollyCule I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth (all 4) pulled out about 3 and a half years ago. The last time I went to my dentist, about 6 months ago, he said the one of my lower ones was so badly impacted that they were going to have to cut my jawbone apart to get to it. Which means 3 weeks with my jaw wired shut. 6 external stitches and over 30 internal. And, to add paint to injury, I'm allergic to codiene, so I won't even be getting any rilly good painkillers.

I'll probably have it done in February - hope that 3 weeks of eating nothing solid will enable mt to lose enough weight for the Big Texas Trip that's set to commence in March.
MollyCule that should say, "to add PAIN to injury." 010111
unhinged i think that if you allergic to codeine you can still take other narcotic-based pain killers...not sure about that though. 010116
unhinged was a piece of cake 010314
4thdimension your wisdom theeth are dead
their souls vanished into the depths of your jaw
you must release them
into heaven impending
and send them far away
and eat jello
jello jello jello
Risen Yet another surgery on the cards.

Will be my third in 3 years. But at least this one can probably wait until my course finishes.
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