amorfus Attachments.

But remember...
not all those who wander are lost

even among the rootless.
splinken rap IS an art form! see? SEE?! 000913
Brad They kick ass. And it's not rap molly... it's hip hop. Big difference... very big difference. 000913
monadh I am constantly
wandering around this great big garden

hoping to find my return
.blekk.tchynah.dol. ROOTS, BLOODY ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 020519
lobsterman if i just knew where i started, i could finally be free 020519
coaster childhood. lost and locked in the waves of time. Hidden beneath trauma of never being heard, incessantly talking, ignoring life. Unlike the roots of a tree, planted by a seed, knowledge is rooted in many places, unfathomable, expanding across the universe throughout endless time. 050531
coaster And yes, RAP IS AN ARTFORM! 050531
dafremen ..not in my vocabulary. There are plenty of opportunities to be a part of something. Plenty of opportunities to hang with a sense of purpose where there is none.

I'm not comfortable around you, people. It is not my nature to congregate. It's not a requirement of mine that I flock for assurance, or support or much as I may wish for these things.

It my nature to be alone. It is my nature to put down no roots. It is my nature to disregard you when you force your company upon is my nature to make you want to leave.

I'm going to sit here now. Haven't decided if I'm going back to the Thanksgiving dinner or not. I can't stand family gatherings. Christmas, birthdays,'s all the same to me.
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