dallas When you supply the world with quite a lot of smells. 980901
OTK This can be quite nice, when the lady in question is angry. 990516
silentbob she doesn't care that i have jagged teeth
she still loves me anyway
she doesn't care that i smell like shit
she still loves me anyway
she doesn't care that i'm a pathetic loser
she still loves me anyway
mmm i think i'm smelly, i should go shower 010324
Smelly McPoopoo anuses are funny 041109
devilbunny Your house smells like cat piss, your comforter smells like poo. Get your olfactories seen to. 061110
falling_alone my hamper.
oh god the hamper.

i'm not smelly, well sometimes after crew...
but my favorite recipe for a smelly hamper is such:
drop in an entire glass of milk
add in one heater
let sit for one week
do not disturb.

oh my, mummy's going to get a nice surprise when i have her do laundry this weekend.
i forgot moved a shirt away and swore i was about to vomit.
what's it to you?
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