jennifer So then I got this idea about driving a cheesecake truck because I
figured at the end of the day I could eat all the leftover cheesecakes and
I love cheesecake. So I called up the guy and he asked me if I could
drive a truck and I said "yes" and he said your hired", so the next day I
went down there and picked up the truck. I was driving about a block
and a half and I just had to have a cheesecake so I pulled over and I
took one, and I took one for my brothers, and I took one for my friend
farmboy, and took one for later, and by that time I had already eaten
one so I took one for later. I then drive another block and it was lunch
time so I ate 10 cheesecakes and a cheesecake for desert. Might I add
that the cheesecakes were very delicious. I then de ided that the only
thing to do would be to eat all the left over cheesecakes and to ditch
the truck and leave town. And even though I miss everyone alot Im not
that sad because they were very delicious cheesecakes.
jennifer copr Jimmy hill's friend 000103
Barrett What was it like to see
the face of your own stability
and suddenly look away...
startfires eleven and she was gone
eleven is when we waved goodbye
eleven is standing still
Barrett Come'n hoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOme,
Under a dead Ohio sky...
startfires eleven has been and will be waiting
defending his light and wondering
where the hell have i been
sleeping lost and numb
so glad that i have found you
i am wide awake and heading home
One who fell for him ....is gay, is the wrong person to fall for, he is very vain, doesnt take others feelings into consideration, is a drug, a disease, doesnt stand for himself...he is weak...We made him and we can break him as easly. 010204
the one you hurt You are next 010204
ClairE Is a nice_guy. See Aerosmith. 011130
nah....! we used to call him jimmy. it wasn't his name, but oh_well.

that's all i have to say about that.
silentbob Eat World 011130
birdmad hah! you beat me to it, bobby 011130
grendel they were here last saturday with Weezer and tenacious_d 011130
Inanna Jimmy's Chicken Shack( the band) 011130
mcdougall JIMMY HAT
| |
| |
| |
and the

playing tonight: 1:37 pm*
at The House on Evans
on the stage in the back

*stick around after the show for refreshment and a game of hockey with the band!
CelticMistress is the guy that only i would fall for. the guy that was perfect. the guy that never knew what to say. the guy that had no opinions about anything. the guy that got me pregant and only worried about himself. the guy that decided one day that he didn't love me anymore and disappeared . the guy that showed no emotion until something effected him and only him. the guy that took 5 months to get over. the guy that i will never forget. and one day, the guy that i will see walking down the street and i won't even recognize him in all my happiness. 020103
no My bacon conforms. 020112
shhh of course when i hit "nevermind" I have nothing to say, when i have everything in the world to say, i just want a new escape route, i end up on a page like this.

of course.
werewolf please don't...i mean that fiercely 020804
j jimmy's the kind of person
only certain people can know

because he's not going to waste his time
with the commonfolk
not jimmy

he doesn't even know how
je ne sais que
he is
he can't tell how much she cares about him
and would he care if he knwew

jimmy is a universe
stretched out to immeasurable dimensions
he is my parallel universe
because i feel like writing something dramatic

he cares about everyone else
and she tries to care about him
but it's the spring of their relationship
and he can't open the stubborn buds
he remains in winter

and yet winter is so active
a love
a lover

he is missed
because he is so far away from us all
and i mean this as a sincere compliment
inanna Did Jim Morrison respond to "Jimmy" as a child?
Are you a member of the 27 club?
IZID The gay dude who drives a Saab. He broke into my new silver VW EuroVan. 031205
hencewhat Well who knew...i have a valentine....and a boyfriend?! The likelyhood of one alone is slim...i guess i just got lucky but in all seriousness it came out of fucking nowhere. literally within a week of chillin everyday it just seemed like something to go with and see what happens. I asked him last week if he wanted to be my valentine in the middle of one of his sentances he said yes and continued talking and that was the last thing that was mentioned about it. It was actually the cutest thing in the world last night...i could tell he was nervous n stuff but i thought that was just cus we were at my gay ass house or something but then he was like come here i gotta secret.....you look really pretty today...then a lil while later again with the secrets....he was like your eyes are beautiful...n then idk the next thing i know its like 12 and he had said he wanted to go around then but i could tell he was mega comfy n then he goes look what time it says....12:20...i was like yeah ok, oh u gotta go home?...then he asks me if in a few weeks i was gunna tell him we couldnt hang out anymore cus i had a boyfriend. i was like um no i dont think so im 100% single by now i could tell he was getting to something but i wanted to play dumb cus i hate the awkwardness...eventually i was like i know its tuesday lmfao...happy valentines, valentine. n i gave him a kiss n a lil later he said he had something to tell me but that he thought it was stupid n he mentioned something about one of my dreams ? n eventually he just got so damn flustered and confusing i just didnt get what the hell he was going on about n he was like listen...i know its valentines day..i think its so fucking gay when people start going out on valentines day so if u wanna go out were sayin it was the 13th or the 15th...unless you really want it to be today..i was like oh ok...yeah but since u made such a big deal out of it, its the 14th so thats that...i have a boyfriend he is jimmy 060214
a clever disguise Wherever you are
Whatever you're doing
I still miss you on a near daily basis and I hope that you are ok.
a clever disguise I guess I did like you, regardless of how fucked up that was. I remember walking into your father's house and seeing you for the first time and almost dying, but I was already with him. You disapproved of me from the start, why I'll never know. But eventually you warmed up to me and we would hang out with the crew and I loved dissing you in front of all the girls you appeared to like because I was so jealous, even though I really shouldn't have been. By the time he and I were on the rocks we were friends and I visited you and you me. Hitting concerts together and you were that protective type and though I had no idea why you were so protective I was so appreciative.
It's not romantic the way I miss you. I don't even miss the protector because I have one of those. I guess you just made an impression as a special person, and I know you suffer and I hope you're ok.
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