can you spare an idle moment of your time for a tiny thought in my direction?
jane compassion

too much for some

not enough for others
Many who want compassion from others aren't willing to give it others 030705
sirflaccid Try to think of the ambiguous nature of this whole situation. I just don't know where I belong. 030705
Freak maybe you just need to stop and think about yourself and who you are instead of where you might or might not fit in. 030707
phil I often think about how I can be like others. 030711
misstree just a moment of your time,
yeah, it'd be nice if,
as a parting gift after all these years of friendship, you would be kind enough not to fuck me over, or kind enough to go out of your way for five minutes to do the one thing that saves me five hours of worry and strife.

but i guess you're not that nice.
shame on me for hoping
that a few people still had
a decent bone in their bodies.

it means a lot to me.
not in the sense of giving thanks,
but it carries weight and shows me much.
thank you. and by that i mean fuck you as well.
no reason people need to fucking learn it. and realize why it's important. and practise it. fuckers. 060111
what's it to you?
who go