nr are endlessly fascinating. their vibes and people and history and future. 190324
nr he asked me if i'd ever consider living in austin. i liked austin but i didn't feel like i got enough of a real feel for it as a living spot. i've been to a lot of places, but the only places i immediately felt could be my home were chicago and vienna.
i asked myself if i'd have still felt the same way about you if you were from, say, austin instead of chicago. but it was really hard for me to picture because being a chicagoan is part of who you are, and maybe you'd be a different person if you'd never lived there. but maybe not. i don't know. maybe i can fall in love with cities more than people.
nr sometimes i wondered what it would be like if you lived in my city. it's something i wished for but just couldn't picture. 190324
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