typhoid (i found my notebook! yay!)
last thing i wrote...
sitting in the mid_east burger joint
and staring at that_poster
the green man.
hmm. holding some sort of alchohol.
gets me to thinkin about the "patron spirits" of various drugs...
salvia: ska_maria
peyote: mescalito
n2o: that_duck
pot: mary_jane
absinthe: green_fairy
dmt: "elves"
ethanol: pink_elephants
typhoid and the oddity that other drugs don't seem to have similar presences (as far as i know) 000907
maruku take another look. they're all plants. allies.
something man can't seem to re_create in his chemical fuddlings...
nitrous doesn't seem to fit in, but...
what's it to you?
who go