typhoid an ancient grape
still sweet.
hehe. boysenberry. (11)
RoMiEttE this is one of the only things in the world that actually makes me gag when i eat it. Raisins and blueberries. 000628
ClairE At first I loved.

Then I hated.

Then I didn't care.

Now I love them again.
aaaaardy Two scoops! 011210
unhinged grape = raisin

raisin = raisin sec

ClairE shiva is down with raisins. 011217
KindreDSpirit My roommate and I discovered a bag of raisins in our refrigerator today. I know, this in itself doesn't sound especially remarkable. But these are magical mystery raisins.

Observe closely.

When we put them in the fridge, they were ordinary red grapes. And then became forgotten grapes. And then apparently skipped the slightly-deflated, green-and-fuzzy stage of their development (the stage in which we usually catch them) and went straight to raisin-hood.
They look and feel like raisins, but are slightly juicier. And taste vaguely fermented.

How did this happen?

I think perhaps we should place more fruits in our magical refrigerator--cranberries? apricots? perhaps some plums?--and go into the laissez-faire dried fruit business.
... dry 020317
girl_jane I really don't like them much... 020328
shivers dried up and dead
yet still sweet
maybe theres hope for the rest of us
what's it to you?
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