steph i'm all about namaste 000619
Meg he is 001123
La La Life is... 010106
Quiggz An adjective I really hope someone will use to describe me someday
misty being in love with a beautiful girl. 020917
Whitechocolatewalrus I went to the magical forest and the owner said that I could have anything I wanted. So I went to the clothes tree and grabbed a T-shirt and some socks. Then I went over to the money tree and took two dollars. As I was walking by, I noticed the penguin tree and couldn't resist grabbing a penguin, I always wanted a pet penguin. I figured the penguin would like licorice so I found the licorice tree and grabbed three strands. As I was leaving the magical forest by way of boat on the sparkling river, I said to the owner, "I gave you two dollars and a strand of licorice for your kindness." To my surprise, the owner popped out of a tree and told me that I was the first person ever to give him anything in return. I love pink flamingos. 031107
magicforest I resent your usage of my name without my permission. 031107
pipedream quiggz is magical.

Whitechocolatewalrus I am sorry that I have hurt your feelings magicforest, but I was unaware that you existed. Would you forgive me if I brought you a duck from the duck tree? 031107
pipedream how about a shoe from the shoe tree? 031107
Whitechocolatewalrus The left shoe tree or the right shoe tree? 031108
Mad_Hatter what about a "one_size_fits_all" tree
do they have that ?
Whitechocolatewalrus Of course. There is also a "one_size_fits_none" tree. 031210
magicforest what about a no size fits all tree?

is curious despite her rage
Whitechocolatewalrus Sorry to enrage you magicforest, but this was only like my third blathe, there was no possible way that I could have known everyone. I know you now and you remind me of sparkles, which I like, and I will never again use your name without specific permission.

And yes, there is that tree and any other type of tree that you can imagine, you just have to find it. Good luck.
pipedream left shoe tree, me being a lefty.

*strings barbed wire around her dark chocolate walrus tree and guards it jealously*
geezer All of an afternoon
the pen became a spoon,
the paper, a pan,
and the poem sauteed itself
to kill my poet's hunger.

As minutes stirred my thoughts,
the sweet smell
of cinnamon and clove
came from the desk,
gaining body and flavor,
inebriating like
a full chalice of champagne.

This magic scent
lured him to share
this poem with me,
feeding, letting him
be completely served,
totally satisfied.
notme beautiful geezer 040502
kx21 A Spice of M... 040502
Syrope crying from happiness 041122
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