friar tuck Bruce Cockburn, explaining his song The Last Night of the World:

The champagne notion I owe, I actually, to Sam Phillips who is a great songwriter and a good friend, who toured with us some years back, and at one point she saw me carrying this backpack I was always lugging around loaded with books and useful things, powerbars, flashlights, rope, other useful things and she said, "What are you carrying in that thing anyway?" I said, "It was everything I needed for the apocalypse," and she just stopped and looked at me, and in my mind I picture her putting her hands on her hips, and giving this quizzical expression, and she just said, "What do you need for the apocalypse besides champagne and a couple of glasses?" and I thought that was the most succinct statement you could possibly make about the correct attitude toward the end of the world, so that's where that came from.
birdmad i remember that as a result of the time i spent with her, i have cultivated a taste for champagne...even the cheap stuff that leaves you with cotton-mouth and a bad headache the next morning 000426
carole lyn phoenix secrets untold through steam of a jacuzzi, i don't want to sleep with just your husband, bright red glow from rose petal cheeks and sweet pink tongue that finishes my champagne 020321
farmfish i be lookin' fowerd childrens i be to summa, sittin' on thee front porch sippin' prosecco with me girlies... 020322
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