meggie i love grape soda, especially when it gets just a little flat, it reminds me of the second time i was THERE, not the first, because the first time the grape soda was CRISP 000304
Alexander Beetle A commercial on the TV: some dude in a suit, saying "I hate grapes!" Then he starts hitting them with a hammer, "GREEN! and PURPLE! and SEEDLESS!" I'm always laughing too hard by this point to actually find out what the commercial is for. Probably apples or bananas or something, y'know? 011028
Adam in tired mode grapes are good becasue they grow on vines. I like vines. Dance. Dancing grapes are scary, since they don't have legs and shouldn't be able to dance. 020204
good people mmm bubble gum 020808
etana when I was younger, I always tried to peel grapes by hand and squish them to make grape juice. maybe now I should try to do that to make wine. 050510
pSyche frozen grapes are yummy.

Unless you've just had a tooth knocked out of your mouth,then they are just plain painful.
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