moonshine Zebra pants, The girl on the phone. The crooked cruel smile watching her. Was it you? 000924
foolonthehill has not been worth a second so why is it years still counting 011105
foolonthehill has no idea.
so shouldn't that mean that i do?
Arwyn means great one... such a beautiful name... 020117
sphinxradio lives for the moment.
high points, fall to low
bounces back, always,
and never stops the show.

he doesn't think he matters sometimes and i think he's selfish to believe it.
Annie111 The chubby pink starfish. 020117
Sailor Jupiter The name of my newest friend who won my trust in record time. Who woulda thought I'd end up spending so much time in the company of a hippie drunk? 020118
Kate "Patrick known as Patty known as Nothing?"

A main character in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".

Bridget's brother, who is in the Naval Academy. She always brags about him.
josie otherwise known as Patty, the criminal mastermind who tried to steal my heart. 020715
xrobinxhoodlumx Is who I am. 080701
what's it to you?
who go