andrea watching how she moves-painful as the ocean is smooth. terrified to take each small step & embarrassed with every shallow breath. fingers have tingled into numbness; unable to cling to anything she's touched. pack on her pack, she's ready to go. in her eyes, there are cries of all she won't know. on the ledge, she's perched, thinking of all the people she's loved & hurt. her sparkling wings spread, she stares at the sun. she dares to be free, to have finally won. she leaps and takes a chance giving her past just one last glance.

copyright 2000
grendel i cannot look directly at her.

her beauty combined with my unworthiness makes me ache whenever i look at her

burning from the inside radiating out from the center of my chest and out to my fingertips

(could it be the theoretical location of the soul?)

whenever she is near i can only steal glances


deadballerionasociety I orderered a long island for the first time in my life in some cheasy bar in a below par mexican restaurant, even I make better kweassadillas at home. I danced with a costa rican mobster who later invited me to smoke crack with him and his monosyllabicly dressed companions at his posh flat on third street aft the bar closed, i took his card, and i still have it my wallet, i know not why....yetly. My co slave labourers, an ex lover and i decided to hit another the only otther bar in town that didnt ask for Identification to excercise our god gioven christian rite to drink alcohol It was here i ordered sierra nevadas because they didnt have guinness and danced like a slut not feeling the music, i was more in tune with my coarse libidinal urges then the slow grace of harmony in movement.I had fallen and i decided to fallhard if not on a turkish smokeing pillow I got home in a frinds van, but i dont remeber how i got to the doorwhich i left open according to my sources and fell asleep on the toilet with my 6 sixes too big tan dickies at my ankles and red silk underwear at my knees. My mother said i was making baby noises when she carried my waifed and bruised body to my sisters bed so i woulndt vomit in my own bed and suffocide. and that is the stopry of my life just before i recieved the glance. My habits are little changed except now I can touch you from here. 010201
Lindsey Eyes blue and lazy,
only one focused on me -
First love fades away.
Ambience I just cant let you catch me staring. You might just think Im weak.
I cant let you know I care, that makes me beneath you.
Your so beautiful
And I want to look at you forever.
But I turn away at the site of your pupils in the corners of your eyes.

...I dont love you.
firecub3 ...i hope for you...! 120306
heartfeltsuperego yes, hope is still buzzing 'round here.
but only to steal a glance...
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