whitney i want to smash you to pieces. 030505
  gonna smash myself to pieces
i don't know what else to do
Mahayana some shit up!
[destruction] i want blood-i got it

i dont know if it's an underlying current that i always feel b/c we all take in the same elements of the environment and it just isnt enough anymore to vent it out through artistical carvings and angry music, or if it's just that whenever there's an abandonment of tragedy, i try to fit the square pegs into the round hole just so my weak ass can say,

[oh, yeah theres another fucking one]

fuck you is ranked 51 and has played for 3h57m in 30 days fuck you is not nearly strong enough fuck you is in order fuck you is aimed towards you fuck you is what i say fuck you because that's how i feel today and every day after that fuck you is not nearly strong enough fuck you is ranked 411 and has played for 4h47m in 365 days
thieums Smash envy, smash desire
Smash pity and sorrow
Smash greed, smash happiness
When nothing is left, everything is there
what's it to you?
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