For sure! The pursuit of happiness.
I guess that's the counter part to the thrill of the chase (the happiness of pursuit.)
Mybe that's why my dog chases cars.
sim Reminds me of an old Garfield cartoon whose punchline was "It's the getting, not the having." Sort of sums up the entire American experience, eh? 010706
silentbob trivial 010706
enriquecito perhaps the most intriguing thing about pursuit is that we keep moving. for if we make one mistake, one slip-up, then we're fucked forever it seems... but the continuity of movement, at least, can maintain the illusion that we're getting somewhere. which we aren't, of course, but that's just the cruel joke. to be grown-up, we tell ourselves, just laugh at that fucking cruel joke. if it makes you feel better. because, after all, that's what this whole game is about. you wanna make sure you're right with yourself. no matter if the bridge fucking collapses after you've walked over it! 010708
enriquecito or then again, we take ourselves out of the game entirely, as do the Buddhist monks and others. sometimes I wonder whether or not the work of conquering the self completely, as they are attempting to do, makes love and loss in the everyday world seem like child's play. 010708
Special K Quiet hum of outside and night and faintly I hear forks and knives.

His eyes are closed now, small deep peridots,

with his face pressed to me my hands trace their familiar tracks; slick sweet sweat, the smell of fruit and skin.

But I am a child and I cannot keep quiet, my nervous-eager landscape collides with his easy-languid rest and miles of woolen string come spilling from my mouth in embarrassing snarly tangles.

It isn't what I mean to say. What I mean to say is

squint every breath was labored as if through a straw. I knew I had to stop running eventually. My heart was going to explode, but when it did, I wanted *him* to be around for the splatter. Skidding around a corner, i heard my sneakers lose layers of rubber to the hungry street. I waited in the dark with my back reassured against a brick wall. Panting, waiting.
His pants swished in a determined noise as he ran. It should have been embarrassing had we not been so focused on why we were running. the drawn blank gaps between his footsteps eased closer. Soon I was enveloped in a burst of noise, freed from the alley of his pursuit. You'd be surprised how stunning the green of his eyes could glow in the moonlight. The scene danced around his eyes, everything was a vague swirl of color. His eyes were motion, and all else was a monotone grey.
"I thought I'd never get this far. why do you run so fast?"

"Because otherwise you wouldn't have."

and he crushed my lips and cradled my face.
:) presently pursuing happyness 070126
Lemon_Soda Success is the continued pursuit of a worthy goal. 070126
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