2.40am un 020804
8:46pm Pick 021124
yenaldlosi Devil 021124
jane i w a n t t o l o c k y o u a l l o u t 021125
no way in or out

p2 caps, num, & scroll

does anyone actually use
the scroll lock?
User24 I have an "any" key stuck on my scroll lock light on my keyboard.

(yah, it's a little black key with the word 'any' written on it, Linds got it for my birthday :D )
me13 the prision in my mind which I dwell upon the past 031206
_alone & lost_ You are the only one who has ever been able to unlock me inside. You understand me almost better than I do.
Over the years, I've tightened my grip, added another lock to the door inside my soul. So no one would be able to see me.
See how I really am.
Then I met you.
And you did.
You unlocked me, you did.
You have unlocked my soul, and you invite yourslef in anytime you see that something is wrong.
Thank you for being my key.
kid andre I ate the key. 050522
what's it to you?
who go