lovers lament everything's so clear now
don't see how i missed it
you stupid bitch
you fucked everything up
now you're crawling
hands and knees to me
begging for my mercy
wait for it.
you infect me with your lies
just some clever disguise
you wear for love
can't say that i'll fall
for it anymore
i'm so far away from that
two girls on the playground
one clinging to another
for friendship, understanding
you can't hold onto me
i'm brushing you off now
like i should've done
ages ago
PCD to illuminate, to lighten, to enlighten, to bring light to the world or the mind or the room. what a miracle when one thinks about it. to brighten one's heart with a song or a word or a painting. to have the power to make light the way for the weary, heart worn traveler. to make a day brighter by the pleasant word or the lovely sound of a voice. a miracle, indeed. 010414
nah....! "you're so fucking beautiful - you fucking shine. you're luminescent."

"you have to stop putting me on a pedestal. you'll realize sooner or later that i'm just one big disappointment."

"funny. even when you just said that, your eyes and face lit up completely. see? i'm right."

"you want to believe this, but it's really all in your head."

"so what if it is? who really gives a fuck?"

"i will, when you decide to break my heart."
katdaddy owwwieee! dat hurts!! me no breakin yo heart!?! iif(me.tstbrkyohrt(unreparable),me.brkmyhrt()*1e10,me.xfer24evrnow())
breakn harts aint allowed. listn up all NO BREAKN harts!!! (hey wait a sec can a Tin Man command that? maybe in reality but not here!)
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