silentbob she sent me an email entitled My Imperfections
the message said. tummy. hips. legs. i'll. understand. if. you. puke.

but she was beautiful, more so than she ever knew someone could find her
jane imperfections are the only things that make us perfect 030211
sirflaccid Most are taken away when it gets recycled. 030211
Syrope i think his are what i like about least physically, cause, well i just don't know him that well yet.
i wonder if he does think i'm a stalker...
niska that smile goes kinda crooked, like you're a cartoon drawn profile, but all your features are on the flat side. and i like it. 030402
Violet She stares in the mirror,
disapproving her existence.
And for the first time in her life
she wants to scream.
She wants to die.
But this glass would be perfect
If it only it were shattered.
what's it to you?
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