For sure! we're talkin' dead people dontcha know 010204
Billia we are the memorial,
not the stones
not the statues
not the flags.

for the dead.
*~K so. i went to NY. and there's all these lights, illuminating a hole in the ground. & everyone gathers to see it. the whole 9/11 thing. god how depressing. 040802
to the day I last used... string False enlightenment ..Yes

Drug of choice...yes
Drug I

the brain and vein crave
the heart and soul cry

the ten_supreme_hearts

are stomped in the dirt of the tracks I make on the way to claim the prize.

Another Knot in the string 040611
another knot in the string A thought, A_seed_of_light
Popped in my head today.
I looked up at the sky..into the light and trees. I noticed how beautiful it was.

For the first time in years...
Why ...I know why.. and it is a shame.
It is the title of this blathe. 040611
:) Amen. 040802
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