coldtea Yaphet Koto! 000109
girl the home town of a girl that broke my heart. 000327
sweetheart of the song tra bong I really like it here. The inner harbor, and the Barnes and Noble inside the old power plant. 020424
a raven where Mr. Poe sleeps. 020424
silentbob it's raining in baltimore
sixteen miles east
yummychuckle i love baltimore.
its where my dads girlfriend lives.
its in maryland. my H O M E.
(that I've been ripped from).
any blatherers wanna meet me in maryland this summer, step right up. I've already met two. *sigh* only two. may go to canada and visit an exblatherer.
Anna_In_Reverse So glad it still feels like home. 030113
Adrienne The sun sets across the bay
I'm glad I spend my day
In a working American city
With all the people who make it that way
It's time to jump in a taxi
For Thirty-third Street
Knowing I'll be watching those "Birds" go,
Watching Weaver's show
u24 I have but one link to this word in my mind, in the film, Sum of all Fears, the greatest directing ever comes when Ryan is on the phone to (Morgan Freeman) and (Morgan Freeman) realises what Ryan just said.

wow. One of the best directed films ever, IMHO.
pez i lived there for a year, riding back and forth on the one subway line. it was the first city that i remember; it was the first city. 060404
Myrrdin hello everyone 060920
Myrrdin I am from Baltimore 060920
Keil Im from Texas. But i live in North Carolina. I want to visit Baltimore though. Just so I can say I did. 060920
Myrrdin At least I used to be until I moved to PA I love it up here its so peaceful 061116
swears the misfortune the highest crime rate of all cities! 070703
mustard there are many apocalypse alleys here

weeds growing through stones

zombies on the street

who help you with directions, sometimes

every hour of every day is 5 p.m.
what's it to you?
who go