deb there's a hole in my heart tonight
where you should be
you're busy dreaming right now-
still i wait expectantly...
"hello?" "hey you..."
i wait for the phone
i wait for your voice
and the smile on your lips at mine
i need to know "how was your day?"
i want to make it better if "not so great."
the time between
when i can see you again and now
holds its breath
as we ooze along impatiently
-i just...
i just need to hear your voice
as you wrap your arms around me
and make it safe to breathe again,
for i find comfort in your embrace...
without you here there is
such a gap beside me
where you belong...
don't hesitate too long to fill it
exsists take a moment
smell the roses
life ends so quickly
tommorrow it might not be there
take a moment and reflect on all there
around you
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