the void I want him
( g )
to just be there
I want to be Laversa
(my namesake)
and party every night
and have him
"grab me off the toilet"
and just go to the maxx
and dance until the night is over
and make sure he goes home
with someone nice

I just want to be the best friend
the party date
the girl

the one
marjorie someone told me once
while running with me
at 11 pm
that sometimes it isn't just about you
and what you want
and i knew that what i wanted
i couldn't have
and so i kept running
side by side
past lights and doors
because i thought i might escape
but i didn't
and i ran until my cheeks were red and white
and my breath caught as i slowed
tourist don't we all though? 001027
twiggie i want to switch schools, but i can't pry myself away from the one i'm at. i can't jump from easy and fun to hard and catholic.

i want to though.

i don't want to be screwed for college, like i will be. i want to be accepted to something other than an art college because i want to be able to support myself, and not rely on anyone else.

i want this to happen, and it will.

i want to move as far away from everyone as i can, then maybe i'll get some perspective on who my real friends are.

maybe i will make this come true after highschool.

i want to be able to live in that little cave in the side of my cliff, with all of the little bats.

i want to, but that's not going to happen.
twiggie oh...

and i want to be with that_one
stupidpunkgirl i want you to be happy

are you unhappy at the art school?
do you not like the people?
i'm your friend.....
do you not think so?
i'm sorry
caite to not say "i want" all the time
i want my life back
i want to forget "she's the girl my whole family makes fun of"
i want to forget my face
i want to not be a neurotic bitch
i want to not have to take ritalin and prozac
i want to not be add
i want to love him, i want the impossible, i know, but i want our love to be endless towards each other, i want it forever, i want him.
i want to stop saying "i want" so much
insolence I dont want for much
never have
never will

it used to be from laziness

Now its because I've got everything I could Ever Want...But still i want this to last forever, i want her to see how beautiful she is...I want to be able to pound these thoughts out into something beautiful, like a smith...
silentbob see:

dls I want to be something other than a miserable failure.

I want them to want me to be their friend.

I don't want to be looked at it like that.

I don't want to feel like a whore in order to be anyone's friend.

I want to be loved...
dls I want to be an artist.
My eyes will burn with a passion you can't understand.
My brush will move with a vigour you can't match.
I will catch fire and burn to ashe.

I want to be an artist.
i am y did i rea77y ever exist?
s33ms not
i am y did i rea77y ever exist?
s33ms not
cha I want nothing
Cause I can have it
And I want everything
Cause I can't have it
i am y i want ...

to be chocolate on your tongue
fruit at your lips
song and a blossom

rain on your skin
snow on your lashes
wind and sand

word in your thoughts
thought in your mind
idea and instinct

air that you breathe
fire in your heart
earth and water

i am love
and i am y
carden i want to be a person i am not. now before you say anything hear me out...i want to be someone that is outgoing and always has things to say and isn't afraid to say them, instead of the introvert i am and i never say what i'm thinking when in a conversation. i hate being so quiet and shy. i want to be the person people always stop by and say hi to. i want, more than anything, to break out of my shell for good and bury it. 010513
like rain. to be able to wake up in ten years, to have my eyelids flutter open, to see her hair strewn across the pillow, and to feel her hand warm against my stomach. 010515
what happens if... I am x then?
y are you y and not x?
I am Y you idiot.
it's not fair.
yummychuckle to understand and appreciate it
and everything that I should appreciate.
nanny i_want to not want. i_want to have and not need 010909
starved to see you again if i can

you really are amazing
Daydreaming TK ...some one to hold me in their arms and sing me a sweet lullaby untill I fall asleep 020216
blown cherry you 020217
searching it all..that's my problem, nothing ever makes me happy and i just keep wanting more 020217
lady lunchbox five years from now, i want to wake up in your arms, and i want to hear you whisper those three sweet words to me.

that's all i want...just to be with you.
oasisoncloud10 a gun to blow my fucking head off with. you ppl make me wanna puke. sweet dreams 020223
starved something_i_can_never_have 020526
Syrope Baby, baby, baby
What's it gonna be?
Baby, baby, baby
Is it you or is it me?
Don't make me waste my time
Don't make me lose my mind
Baby, baby, baby
Can't you come see me tonight?
Oh baby, baby, baby
Don't my kisses please you right?
You were so hard to find
The worthwhile ones, they hurt you
Every time
Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one's mind
Always smash the picture
Always every time
If I told you baby
That I was in love with you
Even after all this time
Oh baby, baby, baby
Would that be alright?
You make me so confused
I always seems to lose
Do you want me?
Cause I want you...
You may not know what I'm goin' through
I may not know what I need
One thing's certain baby, I know what I want
I want you.
sirflaccid to have you here with me

to have you there with me

my life to be whole

my dreams to come true

to be secure

to stop crying about this
ferret i want to be able to write better lyrics
i want to wake up one day and realize that i want nothing that i don't have
all i need is god
want and need are different from each other like you and i
i want to be like you
you need to be like me
i want something mroe out of this relationship we have
strewn across my life are all of the endless mistakes i have made because of the two words "i want"
Lilac I want more than anything for you to be happy. 030121
Bizzar I want and I need. Quite alot in my opinion. And you give me all the stares that show me how I leave u in awe. You give me money when Im stuck. You fill my tank when we use my car. You hold me a little extra tight when leaving me to go to work for the day. You love me more than anyone else has ever dared to try, and you dont even have to say it... because your eyes say more than your lips ever could. And your arms scream out a beautiful song when theyre wrapped around me.

You think Im beautiful when I first wake up. You say Im "sexy in the morning". You indulge in my simplicity, admire my views, and you are so enthusiastic when it comes to my goals.

You are wonderful. You give me so much. You are no perfect romancer, but you leave me breathless time and again, and you make me feel alive. Thank you, my lover, for the amazement you leave me in, and for the smiles that never fade.
TK to fall asleep in your arms tonight

phil you to want me 031001
Cherry_Springwater Everything to go on as it has been.
All the things I already have.
To keep my friends and make new ones.
To get a good job that I enjoy.
to write a song other people like to listen to.
a portable smile to lend people.
a good sense of logic.
a fox tail and ears.
niska everything the way it was before...
when i didn't know you, and you were just some sweet anticipation in my mind...
Toxic_Kisses ...to want someone who wants me too 040101
Borealis your gaze
on me

without distractions
Borealis him 040601
witchesrequiem to shut my blue eyes forever and dream sweetly. 040601
pete to face my internal thoughts, to express my internal music on a plain where others can see it, more than just my humming and rocking and random spurts of oral poetry that come out when i am to absorbed in the notes and the gaps, especially the gaps... oh my hexagontal dreams... (my current internal song, care of robert j. sawyer's 'factoring humanity'... to see the over mind *sighs*), to stop hidng behind my self and to show my self... to end the ambiguity... to not fear that end 040603
somebody ... and to be draped from head to toe in pearls and silk

mmmmm *drool*
mona_loves_ you I want to have purple hair
I want to strech my ears, and enjoy them stretched
I want tattoos
I want to...
I want to be a MECHANIC!
I want to drive really fast like I am never going to die
I want to be skinny while I still can, just to see what it is like
I want to wear a bikini... just to see what is it like
I don’t want to be diabetic anymore
I hate diet pepsi
I want to sing
I want to play the piano... well
or any instrament for that matter
I want to go to concerts and go crazy and not get tired
I want to play soccer for the rest of my life
I want to be loved.
eh. what the fuck is love anyway, its not like I know so fuck that shit
mona_loves_you ... to spell instrument right. 040704
mysterious to be loved..
the perfect boyfriend...
the right job for me...
a car...
a house...
These right now are so far out of reach...especially the second one, I have not been able to find the "perfect boyfriend." I know there is not one out there but I want someone who posses the qualities I want...I just want to not be so alone.. I want to cuddle with this person...I want to feel complete
Borealis to be held.. 040704
love & hate i want to be needed,
i want to be loved,
and i want that someone to be you...
again... i love you Katie
pete to hold you (a different you than you borealis) 040705
Borealis :) thanks pete, but I wasn't too worried 040706
Borealis I want..
to complete myself.

I want to be my own end.

I don't want to need anything past my own thoughts, my own music, a pencil and some staff paper.

I don't even want to be dependant on my piano!!!!

mona here is what I want.
I want some one who is there for me
there to hug me when I need it
to tell me that it will be ok
that I deserve better
to tell me they care about me
tell me they think about me randomly during the day and it makes them smile
I want them to call just to say hello even if it is between classes
I want to trust them more than I trust myself
I want someone who I can sit on the couch with and feel completely relaxed
I want someone who knows me more than I know myself
they can read my mind
I want them to know how I am feeling
and how to make me smile
I don’t want all their time either
They must have their life and I must have mine
But if we can see each other at least once a week, that would be enough
it will be better than chocolate on Sundays.

(I guess I want a lot, and I guess that is a little selfish)
not god i want everything 041007
DaMon. to be magic 041008
kyree Not to be seen as 'you are so beautiful'.

But I want to be seen... as just being.

I just want to be seen... and hear, 'You are so you.'
oren joy. 051105
Q you;

not what you think
i want
*SuPeR^ChIcK* you too. 060226
falling_alone i want to stay where i am, and not have to move.
to pretend i'm important, my problems too.
she doesn't matter, i have no sympathy for her.
a looming divorce that suddenly appears, how convenient. i've dealt with it for all my years, forgive me if i don't seem care.
my father's curse rebounds onto me, all we touch turns to dust shit fucker bugger off.
go waste your money on your boob job, have sex just to say you've had sex, you don't know who you are...at least i can say no to you.

what happened to when you said i should stand up for myself, you said don't be like me.

well fuck i'm not. i made up my mind september.

i want to stay put.
HidingOnTheWall her. I want her so bad. 060430
superleni i want everyone to be happy.

but i don't lose any sleep over it.
ever dumbening for this particular H to be something. 070826
Arwyn my medication debacle to be sorted out.
my depression to just go away forever.
my perception of my life to be as fantastic as it is.
no reason the laid-back attitudes of the west coast with the better health of the east coast.
maybe i'll settle somewhere in saskatchewan?
broken & shattered his love.

i want it back.

but i fear i may have lost that forever.
Lemon_Soda Send him an e-mail. 070828
no reason a lot of things 071001
auburn I want to be a grain of sand--in a mountain yet uncrumbled. 071001
no reason to go somewhere unfamiliar 080807
snook To stay home in bed with him today. To drink wine and make love. To leave the window open so we can hear the rain and the cool breeze can chill out dampend skin. 080807
unhinged you to call if you're thinking about me
i'm continuing to feel like no one cares
to pretty much always be on the bottom of the list
isn't helping my self_esteem or heart any
nemo to get high. more than anything in this entire world but only if its the best high and the last time because i can't take what heroin has done to my life. seven years. i've stopped for over a year and i still cant take it. i am obsessed with not doing it instead of doing it now. its still in control. it wants me and i want it. wtf. 100501
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