sphinxradio -people who make me think
-people who make me feel
-a stretch of good songs on the radio
-feeling sleepy
-trying to predict the future
-overanalysis of the past
-and nostalgia in general. i need to throw out all these old notebooks.
joy division birdmad "such things i could never describe
pleasures and waiting distractions
this is my one lucky prize"
unhinged the distractions have all dried up and gone away and now i'm left here looking at myself. the picture becomes more distorted every day and i don't know how to get the black out. they say to know yourself and maybe that's why i'm so alone. they say not to look for it and it will find you, but you see all my distractions...they just disappear on the wind. that only leaves one thing on my mind. where are you? 011115
optic discretion every little thing seems to be a distraction these days ... which is why i never get any work done. it seems as if god wanted to place all these distractions so that i'd never find what i'm looking for. stupid actions, something/someone better sigh ... just when i think i have it, something comes along to shatter the near perfect image.

maybe it was never meant to be.
plop 9 don't you have a vegetable patch? 100904
plop 11 i can't believe that, you can put vegetables anywhere you like, they are plants after all. I'm sure god won't restrict you from doing that will he? I mean he won't want you to go hungry or anything. 100904
plop 12 and don't get too pissed off if a bunny rabbit takes your cabbage, maybe it didn't see the fence you put around it? 100904
what's it to you?
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