~gez~ you smell like cabbage. you ears look like cabbages. you are a cabbage. i hate you 020820
marjorie today i got bento for lunch
with a dear boy named jason
and it had so much cabbage on it
the rice hid limp and pale below it
sulking in its teriyaki sauce
i swore the shredded carrots looked fit to be tied
and i... moved the cabbage aside with my fork
and i hate the cucumber pieces
falling_alone my mum is making cabbage right now...gulumki a polsh dish for those of u who dont is rather good but the house know has the o so nifty aroma of boiled cabbage: please note the sarcasm... [for sarcasm is very hard to type] 031102
notme i love boiled cabbage
and i'm not joking
Or is it? This is a very pretty motif in a-minor:

c a b
b a
g e

BnB Cabbage tastes great. Weather it's cooked with corned beef or whether you eat it raw as salad, it does taste very good.

What's more, it doesn't cost much, so that makes it even more appetizing.
Strideo I too enjoy cabbage. boiled or fresh. last night I had some tonkatsu and it was served on a bed of shredded cabbage so naturally once I had eaten the tonkatsu I munched on the cabbage a little at a time.
unhinged cole slaw
saurkraut (damn i can't spell that; vegan probiotic)
stuffed and rolled with beef, tomatoes, rice
boiled with potatoes, carrots, ham or corned beef
cabbage and noodles (onions and butter)

i prefer the red for some reason, especially in slaw
what's it to you?
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