me? i admire the way you think that you are the only one thats right. that you can see your perspective so clearly that all the others fade into nothingness... nevermind, you were right, i was wrong. i don't admire you.
i admire your mind.
zietz he who used to admire nothing now
thinks the world of sleeping and dreaming of that fateful day by the waterfall when the trees were so heavy the green of the leaves bled into the air and we breathed it all in
no longer completely cynical toward the world but just enough to keep things interesting
andrea she sits with the sun setting behind her
golden hair aflame
he sits in his chair
and watches how her pink painted
fingernails scratch the cat at her side
her long legs are crossed and
he can see the scar on her knee
that his shove last spring caused
she tucks her hair behind her ear
before she turns the page of the book
he recommended to her the day before
she reminds him of an angel
and he cannot concentrate on the
paper before him

he thinks she doesn't notice the way
he is looking at her
there is a boyish grin on his face
as he tries to focus on the play
he's been writing for four years
the fingers with bitten nails fiddle
with the fountain pen she got him for
christmas the first year they met
the sun shines in his eyes
making them glow with something unknown
she glances up while she turns the page
and catches his gaze with hers and
he waves at her with his toes...
he knows she hates feet
but his are okay
Tess i admire. i want freedom. i am at a loss. 000206
the schwartz i admire my cat

mainly because he can get away with licking himself in public
Silent bob i admire those that believe in something i dont and have the strength and courage to be proud of it. to follow something. but i lose that when they judge me and do not admire me for my beliefs, how its different from them, and when they try to change me.
hate the sin, not the sinner, admire the believer not the belief.
josie Do you know why I admire you B?
Since the day I met you, you've touched me in places that no other beings have even been able to find a path to . All I did was look into your eyes to see the music that was playing in your soul.
Your heartfilled pain and honest reflections of the world you shared with me, and i have never known another who has shown me such a unique spirit.
I'll always look at your conciousness of the world in admiration, for you hold a key to my soul in your heart.
j_blue i admire how he allowed himself to be so immersed in his own pathos for so long. i envy the way he liked to be sick, and hurt. there is a strength in the unwillingness to heal, which i could never find in myself 000915
tourist I believe you're on target silentbob
I admire that.
silentbob i love you tourist 001020
Altar lost in a world that's been scorched to black. lost in myself until I finally find a guide in you, and gratitude is mine. i admire the way you shine. 030119
. give credit where credit is due 030119
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