Miffey I've met her a few times since they've been together.
At first I only meant to show her how proudly I had gotten over her. How entirely I had erased her from my life.
But then I saw that she was still hurt, and when she began to cry, that was it. I couldn't hold that exterior anymore. I held her then, and our meeting became a tryst.
You come to me in night's black veil
from some bridge of no return
passion and pain fresh on your trail
and your hands and eyes still burn

from the heat of another day
from more dreams and deals
given and taken and spilled away.
but you don't understand how it feels

your lips on mine at close of day.
so you don't take them for much.
And slipping from your guard you lay
as if you are languid, and wish it such.

And my arms they are shaken
at your grinning, at your gift,
for they know they must be mistaken
at this change at this shift.

But you remain and times slows
and at your whim, space bends
within and without me it goes
only in your gaze, the universe ends

in eyes mercifully forgetting the sun
held all day in piercing tombs
of glittering black now undone
by your spun web, a gripping womb.

your head's jet black locks close clinging,
are birdflocks of strange seeming,
silent with no sweet singing,
they draw all men into dreaming.

swept coyly to the darkness
from a neck straight and slender,
which in a tilting lilting starkness
is and isn't a sweet surrender.

I, no different, my dream is the same.
warmth, safety in the jaws of defeat
to know the way back to your name
mapping the crooked road on which we meet.

you don't have to though, you relax,
but when you do you have a crooked smile
on my hand, ridges, on your back,
and it's been silent for a while.

And there's no trace of the day
where our lips force apart clay,
to meet and match all the things we must say,
all of the shadows we order now all ways away.

Shadows skimming the ceiling
of night's patent swelling dark
and we whisper, and are feeling
them become still less stark

untill the night, a single shadow is
and all distances seem close
and open, as hinging as our kiss.
So we're always too late if we know where any road goes.

hushed by the divine rhyme of motion
you pull on my very breath
like the moon on the ocean.
To stop kissing is to return from death.

To another still sunday afternoon,
to find my dreams all undone
to have to rebuild them soon
as life goes on and on, one by one.

Could i sleep in your arms?
Spend a night in a haunted embrace
Give in to your many charms,
there's an implied climb to any fall from grace.

And you'll see all the lines of my face
in day's garish light parade
and we'll have to recognize the place
and the beds will have to be made.

And i know this, and i turn in my sleep
and you're not the same person
i know by day, not the company i keep.
A goddess inhabits your person

I dream about devious plans
to capture her, like skipping to the end
of a book, or moving into castles of sand.
Oh and the punishment heaven will send.

I see you in my dreams, your voice
is ethereal, but your eyes are true
and you talk of me and my choice
and your words are the night's hue.

"yeah i had a scene with him...
and we had a couple of thrills
he qoutes it from time to time,
underneath my window sill"

so if you ask will i stay,
the answer must be no
i must steal far away
before you and the night do so.

For the day will come, and the rhymes will become unwieldly, because there is no time to do the workings beauty requires and simply too much to say. And the sun will precociously go on, like you might,
and there'll be a note, on the fridge, and you'll have stolen more than plums or the last of the shampoo,
it'll be there as deceptively plain as your shorthand,

Everything glittering is beautiful,
everything new is bright,
everything lacking is lovely,
everything customary is sour
everything familiar is neglected
untill all knowledge be known.
And then i'll be back. I'm just stepping out for a life. You understand, you were quite a deal. I never got so much for a look.

And i'll know what a fool i was for overlooking the burning in your hands underneath the full moon, which conducted our heat away to a land of dreams and promises of forever, and the day will open before me and every moment will be distant.
girl_jane Anybody else seen 40 Days and 40 Nights? 020427
Saphfire This is possibly the best and worst thing I've ever done. Worst, beacuse I fell in love and you have a girlfriend. Best, because You make me feel like no other. Just take me into your arms and do what you like becuase I am yours. Tell me what you want me to do, and I will do it. This is our time and no one has to know. You are my best kept secret. I would do it again in an instant. 030701
nomatter I thought of 40 days and 40 nights, also. I wish I could find a way to actually use this word. 031019
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In_Bloom What's settled on when there is little trust left and you want so badly to make it to another day.
Imitation of Love.
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