amy mine is a pleasant lavender : ) 000420
filia an amazon fighter from china who gave ranma the kiss of death and chased her allthe way to japan but when failed to kill her returned to jusenkyo springs to train with her greatgrandmother but then she fell in maonichan spring of drowned cat and now she turns into a cat when drenched with cold water. went back to japan only to find out that ranma was really a man (he fell in drowned woman spring) . well ranma accidentaly beat her again and everyone though she was going to give ranma the kiss of death but she didn't, she just kissed him, cuz it turns out amazon law saws that you lose to a foreigner and they are female, you give them kiss of death and chase them to end of earth to kill, but if they are a man, you chase them to end of earth and marry them. so now ranma has yet another fiance...what will he ever do... shampoo says "nihao" a lot and likes to ride her bike on peoples heads. she doesn't go to school, either. neither does ryoga and ukyo. ryoga turns into a little black pig, cuz he fell into spring of drowned black pig in jusenkyo but he's in love with akane, who doesn't know that p-chan(what she named her 'pet' black pig) and ryoga are one and the same, so ryoga can't let her find out. and ranma's stupid father got ranma engaged to the other girl, ukyo when he was only a baby. so now he's got three, the third one was actually the first one he got engaged to, her names akane and she thinks ranma's a real pervert (its not his fault he changes into a girl!) but they really love each other and its a really sweet love story because everybody's always getting beat up and stuff and its really really funny so...this is all leaidng up to...if you've read this far...(this site IS called blather, right?) Ranma1/2! by rumiko takahashi. 000907
filia oyeah i forgot to say that this guy named Mousse likes shampoo but she doesn't like him. he can't see worth squeat without his glasses. he turns into a duck when splashed with cold water. 000907
filia sounds interesting, eh?

eh? eh?
*Ziima* hehehehe...shampoo is a funny word.
Sham...poo! poo! Sham the poo!
ok..*cough* tired...sorry...*ahem*
Aimee shampoo is better! I go on first and make the hair all clean!

Conditioner is better I go on and make the hair soft and smooth

Oh really, oh really?!?! Stop lookin' at me Swan!!!

I think i got that wrong... lol
baby satan makes for a good drink when mixed with aquafresh toothpaste and scope mouthwash. a little on the minty side. 010720
eklektic once in a movie, a lady said she's rather have a good massage or shampoo, instead of sex. i agree: with a good shampoo, you dont have to worry about getting pregnant or an std. and, unlike sex, you're clean and smell good after. 020330
guy on shrooms cartoons impaired driving up until there was the sign of a fallen drift without the endless saying of nevermind the bunt great off the head of Jimmy the sailor wasnt too happy without the coat of armour they like ACDC winston chunchhill was a native american especially in the summer of 94 030119
hopeunknown Rinse, lather, repeat...

...but who really repeats?
niska mmm... so clean. his hair smells like shampoo. nice. 030308
pipedream i repeat :D
some people's hair doesn't smell like anything. friends of mine can always smell my shampoo.
shampoos are lovely. hot water and sponges and strawberry-scented bath bubbles. and conditioner. yum.
tchiseen great lol so good, made your hair smell like heaven 040421
dosquatch Lather, rinse, repeat? Dammit, what's the escape condition?!? 040421
mous I miss "Gee your hair smells terrific"-you can only buy it in the Phillipines now. 040421
x twisted x i love dove. it smells amazing... :) 040422
Forming Mind lathering bubbles between fingertips. caressing the skull between breaths.
warm water moistening skin, washing.
slow rivers of white shampoo traveling down the body.
across breasts, softly caressing and tracing hip bones with a bubble trail.
Leaving a fragrance to the steamy air which unclogs the nose.
Smooth hair to play witt, with fingertips.
mon uow my mom bought me some more organic stuff. 050313
camille infusium 23

a sample for u
from infusium shampoo
emmi i love herbina... made by finns for finns 050908
dos shampoo.

Sham - fake
poo - shit

that is all.
what's it to you?
who go