b0 INN0CENCE laughs
iNN0CENCE screams
is given
is taken away
is b0rn
is killed

black & white
wr0ng & right

n0 in between
just what is seen

puts faith in y0u
puts trust in y0u


y0u strip it's life
y0u rape it's life


rec0very. . . ?

fr0m what. . . ?

nanny Someone who has the best of all worlds, and takes it to the extreme. the very far, wierd, and bazaar extreme. 010910
squint so what i get, is that if I am a big enough pervert to take those pictures of myself (by the way they aren't that bad anyway...jesus...) for someone i almost love, then everything about it is perverted and that takes away the value of my body (which apparently is nothing anyway. its hard enough for me to even stick up for myself like this.) so I should just let everyone see the pictures cus i'm being a big enough exhibitionist for letting one guy see them...
and of course I should have expected this person to want to see the pictures, i mean he is a friend and all. and, hey, none of my other male friends would seriously want to see them or be pushy about it if they even was an offhand comment, i didnt mean anything by the mention of the pictures.

and now I'm just all fucking pissed off about it. its not that i'm trying to save anything or whatever, just venting.

the basic point....fuck you, bobby.
silentbob hmmm
bethany purv
it's a nickname
and my last name- kinda

i once took pictures of myself in the bathroom at band camp
with this guy's camera i borrowed for a few minutes
yeah- he wrote to me after camp, poor soul
Tiffa Perversion is simply what goes against the grain of the vanilla society.

I just discovered that most of those S&M perople (who many call perverted) are actually wealthy upper class adults? Please!

Perversion can range from liking the color red or black to having a fetish for amputations. Whatever floats your boat.

There are many things I don;t agree with, it doesn't flip my switch. Like child molestation (though it's fun to play the little girl/boy at times) or rape or some such.

It isn't my right (or yours) to call these people perverted.
silentbob there's nothing wrong with vanilla. it tastes pretty good. vanilla doesn't necessarily try to turn everything else vanilla. so_there 020523
Tiffa *sticks her cute pink tongue at Bob*
Well vanilla ... yeah!

Ok so it doesn't try to tunr everything vanilla, but that's too literal, damnit!

Should I have said oppressive conservatist society? I think that kinda makes it seem too bitchy. And Iwannamakeastand-ish. Don't you?
jessicafletcher i am a total pervert.
sex tits dick's all fucking hilarious. everyone eat my cunt. yay. i'm a sicko.
lurk murder see rules 020902
*nat* these ppl ae fucking dickheads and deserve the slowest of tortures and the most painful of deaths FUCK YOU ALL 020903
Foremost I'm not a pervert.
I'm not a prevert either.
I'm a provert and proud of it!
asd weirdos 060110
. someone call for me? 060111
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