Death of a Rose of mind,
of want,
of need,
of the present,
of angles recovered.
puredream Put a frame around my life. Around my deeper soul. Paint it yellow and blue. Speckle it with raindrops. Make it an odd shape. Many sided. Let my grandfather shalack it. He'd like that. Put me in a frame. Don't let me go. Frame me with your arms. Sing me a song. Let me sleep. 040527
puredream strike_a_pose 040624
kx21 Wing_of_thought(s)... 040624
. Frame_of_Mind... 040624
sab fuck you

jsut leave me alone
Forming Mind If I could put you in a frame and I'd draw you smiling. With a ciggerette in your mouth and your hands lost in your hair, deep in thought.

And if I took their speaking voice, I'd never stop speaking. I'd glue our heads together and make my world a bit clearer.
god i wasn't framed. i did it! 050309
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