For sure! i need to win!
I'll buy a whole bunch of tickets.
I'll donate some to Santa Claus so he can start a retirement fund for the elves!
lady lunchbox my boyfriend and i have decided to each pitch in $.50 every week for a lottery ticket. that way, if we win, we can split the money. he'll buy cameras and cars and strippers. i'll buy a pot-bellied pig, a house, and a lifetime supply of bacon. 020201
TalviFatin sounds like a great plan, lady_lunchbox! 020611
p2 aka
stupid people tax

i'm already down
to my last $20
of the month
think i'll go
buy some tickets
the jackpot is
$93 mil
p2 winning won't spoil me
i'll still work
keep a budget
stick with my 4Runner
wear t-shirts and jeans
eat chips and burgers
i'll still be the same

i'm such a liar
imaskitzo I bought a Mega Millions Lottery Ticket and I was genuinely sad when I didn't win because there's always that slim possibility 041031
c a rich man's bet that the poor can only get poorer 041101
what's it to you?
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