daxle The sun's been up for hours and I finally open my eyes. First thing I see is my hand, knuckles bruised as if I had clobbered something. Nobody ever figured out what, but it was suggested that it had something to do with me being jesus.
That was pretty much enough to make me stop with the tanqueray.
Shar "Makes a man mean!"

~ from the comic 'Milk and Cheese' ~
typhoid no, that's the letter 'e' 000412
Cybrmystiq gin makes a man mean ! - milk and cheese 010512
southern comfort birdmad it just makes me want to hide somewhere and sleep it off 010513
Butterfly Collector Do you like gin? It's my only weakness. 010821
distorted tendencies I think it's time to drown yourself today.

I think it's time to forget another day.

I think it's time to let those emotions go out and play.

I think it's time to never stay.
krimilda would your emotions come out and play with me? 020911
123 Im told its a drink, but im pretty sure its cheap perfume. 030811
misstree in how_to_make_feelings_disappear, someone mentioned that gin is very strong with causing memory loss... anyone care to expound? m' memories' foocked as it is, so i'd like to know how to treat it for what effect. 031118
mustard makes me laugh a lot

and get kind of nostalgic

and makes shaquille o'neal free from being a genie

i have kazaam underpants from goodwill

every time i drink gin i think of being a gin
no reason the light white 080605
what's it to you?
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