deb if tonight i had a magic lamp
i'd wish first, for you
and give you the second wish

but you're not here again, like i'd hoped
like i wanted
you're with her
and i hate her because you're smiling
deb ::smiles::
you're here now

your turn...

(makes you wonder, does she hate me now,
because you're smiling?)
silentbob Buy my soda said the moose diarreah salesman 000620
Brad i dont even listen to the radio or watch tv (except occasionally the iron chef) and still i have been somehow exposed to and annoyed enough by a certain tune to know that cristina aguilera must have her vocal cords ripped out. 000620
andrea I’ve been pent up, shut up
trapped in this bottle for weeks
& now that my freedom is imminent
I can’t wait for it to be
granted to me, to be released
from these chains on me & allow
me to move at my own speed
wherever I choose & be in
whatever damn mood I choose
lovely as it sounds, I dread my freedom
fear walking on my own without
a hand to hold or light to guide me

copyright 2000
mindhack5 and so,
now here's the problem
YOU ARE the genie NOW-
and so,
who do you give all the wishes too?
mindhack5 when all of the sorrow
p e r m e a t e s the soul away...
Meg You are having a problem with accessing the internet are you sir? Well, Genie are currently experiencing server problems and are running at about 20% capacity causing an intermittant problem on connecting to your Wap services. Please contact Genie on 09063020220 which is charged at stupid pence per minute to be referred back to us here at BT Cellnet. Thank you for calling Pre-Pay. 001124
me who are you and this freaky cut up burroughsian site? I typed in genie's premium rate number into Google and got your page... 020131
what's it to you?
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