Nate Higgins The sad bitter one who never learned he could do anything more than bitch and moan about the unfairness of it all; or perhaps that's just me. 991030
camille the unfulfilled spirit within us that takes a shadow and spreads it out on the daylight of paper. 000128
MollyGoLightly Writers are important. They make contributions to language, art, and craft. One does not need to be tortured to be a writer. 000413
miniver And then came cathode-ray.

I still love my penmanship.
And my fountain pen -- it's smooth and heavy with a metal lid, and I like to hold it against my lips, sometimes, when it stops writing. Don't I look pensive? Ahh.
guitar_freak the greatest single accomplishment to society 010107
girl adam is a writer 010823
ClairE So is mine.

Except now I don't fall for writers anymore.

All I do is fall in love with quite the opposite.

Opposite in every way.

But writer: that's me.
nah....! writing is my life, and that's the way i like it. 011127
ClairE I saw Sharon_Olds read tonight. Or last night, depending on how you look at it. 011128
nah....! you are so damn lucky. why can't she read in my town? 011128
ClairE I'd say you have a much better town; don't bitch, Nah! 011128
ClairE ; P 011128
jane i always wanted to call myself a writer. i never thought i had the talent to. this last class my teacher said to me, "you're going to have to start calling yourself a writer.." but i still couldn't do it. they were all so much better than me 040124
june better? I would not necessarily go by that judgement. Each individual has something from within to offer...if they so desire to do so.

a writer writes, yes it's true come hell or frozen mud but he may decide he no longer cares to share with anyone

maybe he doesn't want to work that hard for a bunch of judgemental bastards who really can't appreciate his work anyway

well, probably not until after he's fucking dead

yeah fuck you
brand story teller is a polite term.

liar not so much.
They call me Truth one whose passion is writing. 070807
One whose writings are passions. 070807
Bambino writting is just a means of expression and communication, most of the time it is very limiting.

i wish i spent more time throwing paint around and being more mute but that way i would become even more distant from the world, if somehow i could get fields full of people with a huge canvus each, Qs disco sound and gag tape to stop people chit chatting.

mmmm... i think it might work.
but it's ony an idea cos me got no voice.
. Bambino, you have a perfectly fine voice. If there is trouble, it is because of how you *use* that voice, not because of any lack of it. This applies to me, too! 070808
Bambino Well if my voice does cause trouble then i will definately cease to use it, but i don't *believe* anyone would listen to it anyhow, most people would just flog me off as a nut case - so either way I suppose there is no getting away from being mad, no wonder Van Gogh was a painter.

I just wish I was what people call "sain" but i wonder what is sain in a world where a large magority of our capital goes to armys and fighting crime. Is it not sain to question why the action of war and crime are there in the first place?

I think I would prefer it be an insane recluse and live in the woods than be a part of a society that just accepts the way things are.

crazy golf anyone ?

he's a creature of moments.
waiting, biding his time,
for the perfect opportunity
that they might take flight

he sat me down at his computer yesterday
and bid me read what he had written
said he's never finished a story before
and now he'd done it
i began to read
and i found myself suprised
he had written the story of our love
every line an elegant composition
carefully objective
yet suprisingly intimate
I can still taste the words
they rolled across my tongue as i read

God. He is so beautiful.
what's it to you?
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