gwyllynne Don't go into the woods they said.....Don't go into the woods, that way nothing will happen......The woods beckoned me and I have been dancing ever since....and when I walked into the woods with him my body shivered to know what would happen next.....I now walk in the woods, I sleep in the woods, I live in the woods.....and things are happening....I say go into the woods, or else nothing will ever happen. Go into the woods or else NOTHING will ever happen....or don't go into those deep dark woods and never even try to peer through the leaves for you will never relish in it's beauty. 001124
Barrett my church and/or where I get down with the man upstairs (God that is, Not my neighbor) 001124
syd god isn't it good to be lost in the wood? 001124
Barrett trip trip to a dream dragon
hide your wings in a ghost tower
god barrett-
thumbs up.
lou_la_belle run away into the early morning mists
hear the birdsong
they're calling
i want to be there,
among the woods
dehypnotized toothpaste noise pollution has a way
of making nature feel unimportant
and the advice your grandparents gave you
wont make you feel ok now

the mall has a way
of making you feel tiny
and all the imperfect models in the world
wont make you feel ok

this nervous tired loafing
and this empty spinning room
sometimes won't do.
hang around
to watch your grandparents die
go out in the woods
and look for signs of life
almost like poetry where have the woods gone?
all the relocation and/or destruction
has lost me in the removal
or now absence of these silent being.
no longer can i hear the melodies
of their soundless songs.
oh, where have they gone?
for a tree sectioned away from the rest
...is just a tree.
lonely and lacking in presence,
and i lost myself while looking
what's it to you?
who go