deb it's sad when you count
your cash
in how many packs of
you can buy
tuiviq Legalized drug pushing - pharmaceutical, cigarette companies... that's where the money is I tell you!!!

Oh, Starbucks & cie .. same difference.
MollyGoLightly they can convince you to slowly suffocate yourself, and make a mint while you do it! brilliant, i tell you.... 000321
camille My grandfather grew tobacco
maybe that's why i don't smoke.

No, actually as a child (12), my cousin dared me to smoke one as i lit one for my father. (she's the one that laughed while watching me drown).. I turned green, choked and hacked, thought if i come out of this one i'll never smoke another.

Wondered how my dad could smoke such a thing...
girl are my friends 000326
magic mushroom sex 000327
birdmad for nine months when i was nineteen, i laced mine with heroin 000401
MollyGoLightly That must've been expensive. 000507
Brad I swear, i will never get addicted. 000507
birdmad yeah, it was a tad expensive.

I financed my own habits by being paid by my dealer to beat up other addicts who wouldn't pay their debts.

sad to say.

"confutatis maledictus
flammis acribus addictus"

...consigned to flames of eternal woe
unhinged people who say they will never become addicted are stupid...we are all addicted to something.

i used to smoke black clove cigarettes exclusively. then i worked down to light cloves and i mostly smoke marlboro lights now with the occasional pack of light cloves thrown in. today i am smoking black cloves...what a rare treat.

hahahaha frank...thought that when i said i smoked cloves i was talking about a brand "smells like those little spiky things your grandma sticks in the turkey with pineapple." i think he meant ham. that's cause they are. frank my lovable dipshit...he is an adorable man. he knows i would do anything for his baby-doll eyes. just ask frank and you shall receive...unless you are asking me to put out that damn stinky cigarette...
silentbob oh my god unhinged
you just made me laugh harder than i have all day, even when tanya said that the "AWPI" sign, with the W that looked like a cow, actually said A Cow Pie.

Frank my loveable dipshit

that slayed me!
unhinged i have been unusually funny today for some reason...look under denny's if you want to laugh again....(i just reread that and realized how egocentric that sounds...oh well)

you see silentbob dipshits are usually not lovable. they are usually smackable and kick-in-the-headable. it's just frank's damn crooked teeth that do it every time....i think they capture some of the stupidity of his words before they escape his mouth and catch my ears. frank is going to be famous very soon. frank silver is his name. the lovable dipshit that has a pic of himself in drag on the internet. that definitely shoots down his rockstar image....hahahahahaha
tourist When you look at how many cigarettes are left in the pack to decide if you need to buy some more: YOU ARE AN ADDICT
You have already lost!
like rain. god, i'd give my right arm...

like everything else, i have to learn to let it go. but not for just a little bit

sweetheart of the song tra bong We own a tobacco farm and give sections out to other people who want to farm it. Far be it from my family to ever work.

I told this to some kids at school once and they wanted to know if people ever tried to steal the tobacco leaves from our fields. Like you could just snap the leaf from the stem and light it up.

Make things a lot easier, I guess.

Right now they are deep green but soon they will dry up and wither yellow and turn into something that will do wonders for your lungs. I swear.

The smoke from one can be so beautiful though. Curling up to the stars. Savannah has cigarette-smoke eyes.
(for your dove) People are beautiful when they smoke. I hate to tell them stop doing it. It's bad for them but I watch and like it.

This could sum up my whole attitude pretty well.
The Truth Quitting smoking is EASY!!!

(I should know, I've done it THOUSANDS of TIMES!)
recovering addict nothing tastes like a turkish gold

unless of course we are speaking of marijuana cigarettes...reefers...which is a totally different matter
rubydee since i found out i was going to have a baby
i've limited myself to one per week...
after leaving work on sunday
i race home
throw on comfortable clothes
and head to the porch

today is sunday
am i a terrible mother already?
GrayWolf No RubyDee you're not a terrible mother.
Quiting is not easy, it took me years to finally kick the habit along with a little help from God. But please, not only for your sake but for your child's sake stop smoking.
girl today is my day off work. i walled myself up in my house to blather, read, watch a movie, take a bath, play with my cat, cuddle with my boyfriend while hes home, and whatever i want to do as long as i dont have to leave the house. i ordered a pizza so i wouldnt have to go out and search for food in town or at a supermarket..i noticed i had 4 ciggarettes left and i did the math to see if i could just go to bed when i ran out but instead opted to actually leave the house to go buy more. pathetic?
Becky I wish I wasn't out.. I could use one right now.. I'm stressed.. very badly.. anyone want to share? 010809
unhinged sorry dear but i only have two cloves and a joint left in this pack. although if you want either or any of those you can have one. 010809
marjorie i have never smoked in my life.
i have never drank any alcoholic beverages.
and the only thing that ever altered my personality/thought/and other things like that in some very unnatural ways
were odd prescription drugs
doctors might laugh if they knew what they gave out... i bet they do. of course. yes.
i'm tired. oh well.
no cigarettes for me.
unhinged nothing like starting up an addiction again full force...half a pack gone in the span of one evening. ahhhh yes...nicole can smoke at will again. 010825
translucent cigarettes are nasty. the taste, the smell, all of it. but breating smoke... godlike. 010826
Dafremen All of those snide little f*cks who never lit a marb or a winston in their pearly white toothed smiling lives...were right. I'm glad I quit. Those sto0pid sniveling twerps. 010826
forgetful_experimentor Three days since now. The last one I had wasn't even a real one: H. held up two fingers to her lips, sucked in, put her fingers to my lips, and I sucked in too. It was satisfying. I've always confused girls with cigarettes. 011124
yummyC oh god i smell like sickness.
black clove cigarettes, you are going to hell.
black spots of stress beating down on my temples
squeezing me into their machine.
cube You know what's gonna to happen, doncha? When the costs of health care become even more expensive (inevitable), hospitals may turn away chronic smokers as being too expensive. Families will have to prove they can pay before grandpa smoker is admitted. Special facilities, like old folks homes, will be set up for these people. Exorbitant insurance premiums will be expected and homes will have to be re-mortgaged all to help pay the added costs of those either too stupid or too weak to quit.

Whatever forms it takes, the chronic smoker will be a major financial burden to their family. Monies that would have gone to Jane's education or to startup that new business venture will now be spent on keeping the idiot alive.

This is natural selection at work. Stupid genes die out. The families of chronic smokers will stumble and fail - doomed to a final existence as trailer-trash. You may not care about killing yourself with cigarettes, but are you willing to kill off your whole family?
realitybites Death draws near, life slipping away with every breath. Smoke fills my lungs as I inhale the toxic fumes from the chemicals. Like holding a gun to my mouth and pulling the trigger slowly, with every breath I am committing suicide. 020214
cest moi "to smoke or not to smoke, that is definitly not the question" 020214
phil you can smoke
an amount
bethany i vacationed for a month with my grandparents when i was 18 (they live on a beach and i left 2 weeks in) but they didn't know i smoked and i didn't bring enough so...
i stole one pall mall from my grandfather a day, walked out to the beach all alone at night smoked it, sang really loud for a while, and went back home. i was addicted before but after that i was emotionally attached to the damn things.
ilovepatsajak i think they really do make people look tres chic. 020214
ilovepatsajak except if they keep the cigarette in the space between their two front teeth. i knew someone like that once. 020214
Lady Polgara I love my cigarettes. I will smoke anything menthol. mmmm...sweet minty feeling, cools the throat and fires it up at the same time. My one pleasure of a long day is my last cig of the night right before I turn out te lights. one last sigh and good night all. 020619
88 are killing me.
and i'm so orally fixated
and too paranoid to eat suckers

i can't stop
jane crista brought me back some german cigarettes [and a black cigarette case]...i have never tasted anything so smooth...'cept for the ones i got in ireland...but's gonna suck when these babies run out 020814
me are my taste 020820
silentbob they were everywhere at home, now they exist at school too. an element of home i never thought i'd get used to. 020820
eklektic at the coffeeshop, she and i shared a smoothie and sat on the extra low couch. i went outside for minute to look for someone and the pretty girl who always wears black smiled at me and said "i like your hoodie." i had just had a bob marley hoodie made and i was wearing it, partially to show it off, but also because it was a little chilly out. i replied "thanks. i just had it made today." "right on" she said. and for some reason, i had the urge to ask her for a drag on her cigarrette. because i know she would've let me. 020820
Staind_And_Souless I'd love to quit.
For my mum.
For my frie4nds.
For my health.
But I like smoking. I like the way it makes me feel. I like the headrush. I like the attitude. I like walking down the road wearing all back and a leather jacket, with my matrix sunglasses on, smoing, with my 'fuck off' look on my face, and people move out of my way. I'm not a little girl to them. I'm me.
trixie I want to walk on over to the store and buy some but that is such a non-smoker thing to do... walking, hah! 030430
TK Your not olny killing yourself but me as well, and if you love me as much as you sy that why are you killing me w/ ur smoke? Gerrrr! 030430
niska we tried to quit together.

all we did was fight. see, neither of us is ready, and neither of us has a reason yet.

i think it's kind of unfair hat someday, i'll be expected to bear his offspring, and he'll get to smoke while i go totaly insane...
crimson a mere passtime
i smoke a few times a day
i go months without thinking about it
Glory Box are part of the destructive spiral.

because there has to be a spiral, and this hurts just enough to be conveniently forgotten when the day feels like it can stand on its own two feet.

i'll come out of this smoking, because i know it would piss you off, on a level that doesn't even matter, not at all, except to me.
4gotten~soul i love to smoke its like i can feel it sucking the life out of me, and i love that because for once im destroying me instead of everyone else doing it to me 031124
Lemon_Soda I hate them. I love them.

They grasp me with fond memories and an irrepressibly need for nicotine. But I am also their slave.
Death of a Rose tar stained lungs and cancer ridden future. 031127
kedo I first started smoking because I was stressed out after failing a midterm. Now if I don't smoke I get stressed. Dirty fucking habit. Two of my friends also smoke, more than me.

I met a woman who had been smoking for 30 years. She was disgusting. Partially because she was sixty and came onto my twenty year old friend, partially because she wore whorish clothes, but mostly because she only had eight teeth left. No lies.
elisabeth42 On one hand, cigarettes are against everything I stand for. On the other hand, they embody what I crave: Self-destruction coupled with instant gratification. I need to quit. Not just smoking, but I need to quit all of this madness. It's high time I get out of myself.

All this typing is getting me tired and cranky. I've been online too long. I'm gonna go have a smoke...
sameolme Krusty the Clown helped me quit, it's been 8 months now. On a Simpsons episode, he quit using nicotine patches.
Not just one patch at a time like you're supposed to use them, his whole
torso was covered with patches. When I quit I used two patches at a time for the first week, it worked great.
Lila Pause I don't smoke.
Not many people do these days.
But sometimes when I'm out late at night. And it's cold and foggy.
...You have to drive with your lights on high.
I see someone light up.
I see the orange glow and a trail of white smoke...
And it turns me on.

Did you know there are websites where you can buy videos of woman smoking? many, many websites.
frd Ever turn over couch cushions to look for butts with some tobacco left? Not sure which is worse... being so addicted, or being ok with the fact that there may be cigarette butts in your couch. 040622
frd Ralph Wiggam upon tasting the Tomacco tomato-tobacco hybrid created by an industrious Homer Simpson:

"It tastes like Gramma!"
jane there's a point where they stop replacing food 040713
jane there comes a point when they don't replace food anymore 040713
shay more please. 040826
god this way i'll always have something to look forward to 041010
applegirl Inhaled ash
Glowed october ember
brains buzzing like static crackle
Pause and rush
dragon's breath and daylily lips
(because when you bite them it tastes like kissing a tobacco mouth)
Burnt sugarsuck
the way it tastes like marshmallows burning
tr sometimes I feel like I need one- but I hang around with weird people and they would act very strange if I would tell them, because they are all against cigarettes... sucks.. I'm just to lazy to search for new friends, you know? 041219
jacob yea i smoke have been for 2 years and im 16 looking for butts under your couch? nothing but raiding downtown of all there ashtrays...pathetic 2 years and im overly addicted i smoke a pack a day and i dont have a job or money yeap 050905
Twitch cigarettes_coffee_people_and_music
thats all I need.

Straight through my lungs and to my heart.
It's something I've picked up recently...and oddly enough, I feel it has helped with Depression.

If I were a food, I'd Be a cigarette.
I seem Cool enough, and most people totally accept me... but one flick and my self-esteem scatters into a thousand pieces of ash.
a girl it lets you be alone. no one says "what's wrong" if you're standing alone, smoking your cigarette. 051012
grindmath you like them because
they were made for you to like them

fucking nasty...

i'm trying to stop
i keep starting again

of course you fucking like them
of course its enjoyable
and yes, of course it make you
feel good, and calm

because the fucking
cig companies made them that way

what, you thought you were the only
one who truly enjoyed them?
the rest of us hate the taste and
smell and just keep fucking doing it
cuz were retared?

fucking quit already

but i want another

this poison

this dirty nasty
filthy little lie

...sorry. bad mood.
(but they still suck
quit, please because if
you can then i can.
and i'll keep trying
as long as you promise you will too)
falling_alone i made it to the platform
and the guy right across
yelled to me that the train should be coming soon
but the sign for outbound trains
said the would arrive on the opposite side
so i skipped along the tracks
my umbrella held high
i hopped from one wooden plank to the other
and he yelled for me to use the sidewalk
until he saw that i crossed the fence that divided the platforms
he offered me a cigarette
but i told him i don't smoke
he offered me a beer
but i turned him down again
are you sure?
yeah, i can't anyway i'm underage
heh, just thought i'd ask, i've got 6
stripped I'm definitely addicted but that's not all it is. I love cigarettes. I really do. I stumbled across this here page by googling that exact sentence. I love cigarettes. After a long day at school that first cigarette is my little zen of the day. At work, I tolerate all the stupid little bullshit and brood over it while smoking a cigarette and it slips my mind before I even flick the butt. I have a slight oral fixation, too. I play with my lips alot and I'm always chewing gum or eating candy. As long as I have cigarettes to last that goes away.

But, she doesn't like my smoking. And I think me not quitting is why she has taken to the habit again. She smokes so rarely. But she always makes sure to smoke one around me. I love the way she looks smoking a cigarette but I hate what it will do to her. I know if she gets good and hooked it will blacken her lungs and yellow her teeth. Though I couldn't really care less about myself being in that state, I dont like her smoking...

To me this means I have to quit. I don't want to but for her; anything. After I go six whole months without a single cigarette I'll take to an occasional one.. I'll always be fond of them. I haven't even started stopping yet but I know it has to be very soon. Alot's going to happen very soon. I just hope everything happens well and I can be happy. I'm so close and don't want to lose it now..
devil could never be as graceful dead 080130
a bird in yer smokestack Funny.. Nicole weaned down from cloves to regular cigs, in my case, a pack of Djarum Black cloves every weeks is how i weaned down from 2-3 packs a day of regular cigs at my worst 080130
ever dumbening had one tonight, to celebrate the certificate_of_occupancy, to defuse some of the overwhelming pressure. 080130
little wonder i get this little wave of pleasure when i think, "oo! i can have a cigarette now!"
they are the small moments in my days when i don't have to do anything else. it's just me, my cigarette, and the tendency to over analyze all that is going on around me.
it wouldn't be the first i've admitted to enjoying smoking for something other than the nicotine. the repetitive hand-to-mouth, feeding the oral fixation, quiet spots of time to myself. that's why when i say "yes, i'll quit sometime" i'm sort of scared i really won't.
jane i still carry them around
like a security blanket
gt I can't believe I did that
for fifteen years

those were...

...good years
what's it to you?
who go