teagirl word? 020416
teagirl medical school in ireland. yes or no? it's really really old. 1592. is that good? or is medicine something you should study somewhere new?
green fields and sheep.
and guinness (that word doesn't look right).
and growing up and being responsible??
blue star land_of_my_heart 020511
Joana. The land where you exist
My heart thumped ferociously
When my eyes first glanced through its greeness
I wished then that I could fly to it faster than my plane
So I could see your eclipse eyes again.
Sailor Jupiter She sings to me across an ocean
and tempts me with her green hills, thick dark beer, and sharp whiskey.
Land of my ancestors,
who belived in spirit trees
and feared the cry of the banshee.
My family's proud, tranquil home
torn apart by the rifles
of the English and later bombs
which drove them to a New World.
How her people make music that stirs
even the the hardest heart with
happy war songs and sad love songs.
She tempts me to search her
for a piece of myself that I may
never actually find.
This siren, I must go to her,
even if it is to just fall into the banshee's lair
and be pulled into a dark bog.
It would be an honor to drown in her.
phil where green comes from 020512
CJ home of some damn good wisky 020513
nocturnal I might go this summer! I'm so psyched! just thought I'd share. yay! 021120
Lime Rider it's a shame I don't believe in banshees... 030112
MDogMA definetley want to drink myself to death in a pub there someday. 030113
User24 South ireland, co. Kerry v nice.

highly recommended.
no reason nooooooo :( 030622
User24 ? 030622
no reason sorry, not you.

that was a "nooooo, don't move to ireland..."
User24 i c 030622
stork daddy if you're ever in cork stop by my family's farm for boring stories. then stop into my family's pub for fun stories 030622
pobodys nerfect *sigh* It's always been one of the places I'd like to visit. The's just! :D And the wonderful accents they have, and all the history. My grandfather is part Irish. One of my favourite authors(Frank McCourt)grew up there, and my name is Carrie, so it would be fun to go and see what county Kerry looked like too. :) 030622
User24 county Kerry is beautiful, the second best holiday I've had ever was there. (first was Greece) 030623
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