jennifer in the car ride home from village inn tonight deb made the comment
"I have to pee like a banshee"

really... I never knew banshees had to pee, and quite a lot apparently

gee... you learn something new every day.
typhoid and i bit the ensuing fit of giggling didn't help any... 000103
deb deb fervently denies all charges

:) thanks for really writing that

you're gonna get it later...
::laughs and shakes her head::
h8r dot com the word chickenhead is dead. i will now refer to evil money grubbing women as "raggedy ass banshees." say it aloud with some venom in your throat. it sounds so damned good. 000104
MollyGoLightly When I was little, one of my favorite movies was Darby O'Gill and the Little People. 000408
*Ziima* Late at night, when the moon is awake and the night life is rampant...The banshee lurks out of her cave and rips into the forest. A loud screeching call is heard as claws shred through flesh and bone. Whether it is from the throat of the doomed or the throat of the one knows. All it can do is warn present life that the Banshee is loose. 010720
ClairE Irish nagging
scary shit.

Help! I'm a prisoner in the library!
monadh bean sidhe 011129
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