jennifer deb hogs the bed 991221
deb well honey, how did you get home again?

oh wait, i drove, so we're both alive...

sure i hog the bed but how often am i sharing it?

::sniffle:: that's sad to know, isn't it?
deb ::smiles and shakes her head::
last night you would have been making
a big deal about how
is "bed"
spelled backwards
jennifer I thought this wasn't a message board....

and thanks for the coffe and half of the pie...

..::wink wink::..
andrea glad to have met her
and amazed at the things
she and i have in common
even though it may be
unspoken and possibly
still unknown
wonderful company when
you have an unlimited amount
of coffee, sugar, and cream
deb yes, this is me, and i am a crazy little
i write incessantly
and i smile too much sometimes,
and i write little things i hope they'll never read
because they're about those people
who i once tried to tie down
much too long
and i know that now

now that i'm smiling again
and i don't notice that i never quit
andrea i know she is awake
& spilling her thoughts
as i attempt to do mine
but all of the words
in my head seem to stop
once they reach my wrists
& i can't help but wonder
what she thinks of this
odd, beautiful, new world
that has just been created

copyright 2000
deb she says i am up
spilling my thoughts
perhaps i am up
dumping them out to do
spring cleaning...
and as easily as that
i clean clean clean
-where's the clorox?-
and throw away the ideas i no longer like
storing those i do
in pretty rubbermaid
upon the shelves
and i pick up the garbage
and throw it out

but all anyone else can see
is the mess i had to pick through
last night
bellee deb tried to kill herself with a lady bic..the pink plastic kind with daisies and a moisturizing took her forever just to get through the skin...she was just tired of being invisible. 000424
angie i like a song called deborah by beck. you people should look into it. its pretty funny. 020510
king kai there are many words to describe someone like you. there are many words to describe someone like me. i'm glad you're not like me. people like me make the world for people like you a sometimes unbearable place. i guess i'm trying to tell you i've seen the error of my ways and i know the time we spent together was short and long ago. i've seen you several times recently, but am unsure if you'd even care to see me again. i disappeared. i'm sorry. however, i'm glad i at least got to hold your hand and hold you close, before i fucked things up as i so predicted. what an off're still thought of. 020901
Elzbieta My friend Debs is having twin boys as I type. Good luck Debs, be well. 020902
phil have you ever heard of a place called Das Reinland? 030305
deb You didn't fuck things up, kai...
no more than I would have,
I am quite sure.

I would have to say
while things could have been
much more than they were
it probably is a good thing
they ended where they did.

Putting a person upon a pedestal
rarely works out,
how can a person ever live up to
what someone else has built them up to?

That being said, all I ever really wanted
was to be just me,
with just you.

No pretense. No crutches.
No worries of not being good enough.

I'm not sure that ever would have happened,
things being as they were.

Still, sometimes I wonder...
deb Yes, this is the old deb
back again
sometimes I post as
becca instead
as it's really my name.

They called me
because I shaved my head
the summer I was 18,
and I was inspired,
at least in part,
by Empire_Records.

So yes, this is me,
divorcing after 9 years,
2 kids,
2 cats,
1 rabbit,
and 1 house later...

How strange it is to be back here...
Strange and lovely.
what's it to you?
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