deb i'm so tired of everything
i have to carry around with me-
it all weighs upon my back
like an anvil, slowly crushing me to dust-

i dont' know how much longer
i can do this before i cave in upon myself,
but i do what i must,
much like you-

but my heart aches,
longs for sleep when it cannot
have you to itself-
just have you, an arm's length away-

"three months," something within my mind whispers,
taunts, really.
throws it back up in my face,
this eternity of darkness i must endure
but i keep walking, trudging through
the hot, thick tar that drags me down
with every labored step-

how much longer until it breaks me?
how much longer...?
i just can't-
i don't want-

i just can't miss you anymore-

i fear my heart will break
girl_jane I like hot summer days. I can go to a parking lot and rip off a chunk of tar and play with it or just go barefoot and squash my toes in it.

Casey Trapped in black sticky goo of tar. And trapped in black sticky goo of reality and life 020220
falling_alone i cannot resist getting stuck...

my footprints are walking down the street, still there from a few years ago.
r1y9a6n4 after 12 years of smoking, the substance that swims in my lungs. 031228
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